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Ultimates2 #3 Review

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Ultimates2 #3 Review

Cosmic justice has been obliterated, and now a power-mad usurper rules all! No, it’s not Inauguration Day, it’s Ultimates2 #3! Is it good?

Ultimates2 #3 (Marvel Comics)


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Here’s the thing about putting the universe’s most powerful team together — you need a team just as powerful to check them before they wreck … uh, everything. And THEN you need a really powerful INDIVIDUAL to check the REALLY powerful individual on THAT team. Even if he does look like Gandalf.

But hey, if this new universe is still all loosey gooesy, Order and Chaos are going to take advantage and do a little corporate restructuring. Hey you, intern! Come here for a sec; we could USE you ….

Is It Good?

You don’t get much of the Ultimates in Ultimates2 #3, although that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Writer Al Ewing finally gives a little character development to the Troubleshooters, the quasi-government team of mega-powered people set up to secretly make sure our heroes don’t get the band back together, although it’s still kind of unclear why the care about any of this.


More importantly, we start to see what Master Order and Lord Chaos really have in mind for this reborn multiverse, and it involves sending Galactus back to the mailroom while they initiate a hostile takeover. It’s a fun development that still rings a little hollow — Galactus has to revert while they can transcend? Is that a logical flaw or intended hypocrisy? Either way, it’s nice to see Galactus as a bad-ass again, fending off the attacks that felled the Living Tribunal.

While Ewing continues to advance the Ultimates2 story, artist Travel Foreman is still stuck in reverse. The Earth-based scenes are rendered perfectly fine, if you’re okay with scratchy lines, but it all descends faster than a decapitated abstract once the issue goes cosmic. Master Order looks like a Greek muse mask in one panel, a CPR dummy in the next, and a partially-peeled potato in the next. The final, full-page image in Ultimates2 #3 is quite nice, though, thanks in large part to the decisions and attention to detail of colorist Dan Brown.


Ultimates2 #3 is a step up from the previous issue, but sadly not a step away from the well-intentioned but poorly-realized artwork. Ewing is back to telling his story, though there’s still no sight of Eternity’s jailer, and we’re given reasons to invest in an eventual conflict between the Ultimates and the Troubleshooters. While Order and Chaos seem to have overcome their logical conflict to rise above the rest in a reborn multiverse, the writing and art of the rebooted Ultimates has yet to achieve the same feat.

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