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Justice League/Power Rangers #2 Review

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Justice League/Power Rangers #2 Review

The crossover event* of the year is here and the two teams are at each others’ throats! Will they make up and realize they’re fighting the same fight, or will they kill each other (not as likely)? We review, but is it good?

*The event of the year only because both have new movies out in 2017!

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Justice League/Power Rangers #2 (DC Comics)

Justice League/Power Rangers #2 Review

So what’s it about? The summary reads:

Lost in another dimension, the Power Rangers must face a team unlike any they’ve ever encountered! In a world teeming with god-like heroes and villains as monstrous as Lord Zedd, it will take more than superpowers to survive. Can the Power Rangers work with the Justice League to find a way back home? Co-published with BOOM! Studios.

Why does this book matter?

As far as crossover events go, this one might be a stretch, but dammit let’s have some fun! With DC teaming up with IDW and BOOM! as of late their crossover-game has to be strong!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Justice League/Power Rangers #2 Review
Hmm, they could only mean one hero.

The teams continue to spar in the opening pages of this issue and it’s all Batman’s fault. Well, sorta, but writer Tom Taylor makes a strong point that if you had Batman standing in front of you and you had superpowers, you might try and punch him too. The banter from the characters is on point here, with Flash, Superman, and Green Lantern all sounding about as they should and bringing different dispositions to the table. They’re not freaking out over the Power Rangers, but keeping calm. The Power Rangers meanwhile are calculated and a well oiled team. You get the sense they’ve trained to work together. It’s a nice distinction that sets the two teams apart (and pretty surprising given the Power Rangers are all teenagers).

Outside of their interactions, Taylor does a good job fleshing out the villains and their developing plot. Lord Zedd may sound a bit casual (though maybe that’s normal?) he’s got the look and chops to go toe to toe with a major Superman villain. It’s nice to see this side of the story being pushed forward at the very least.

Stephen Byrne draws a very cartoony issue, possibly a little less detailed than the last issue. The colors are very bright, the characters well rendered, and the action simplistic, but easy to follow. It suits the material.

It can’t be perfect can it?

The same story beats for crossovers continue here with characters realizing they shouldn’t fight and getting their bearings. This issue lacks the surprises and fun dialogue of the first issue and is very predictable. The villains join forces way too easily and it’s a bit of a cliche they fall in line. Given they want to rule alone, how they could make a deal so easily seems lazy.

My only quibble with the art this go around is the lack of backgrounds for a majority of the scenes. The color behind them, a brown or purple, is flat and boring, which only increases the simplicity of the characters. The Zords look rather flat too with no texture to them. They’re drawn as if they were simply toys rather than actual giant robots.

Justice League/Power Rangers #2 Review
Dude run!

Is It Good?

This is a lackluster second issue in a series that opened in a big and fun way. It follows the crossover script to a T and looks flat or too basic. The dialogue and basic feel of each team is on point, but it’s not enough to make this a must buy by any means.

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