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Rumor: Donald Trump To Make Marvel Comics Great Again

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Rumor: Donald Trump To Make Marvel Comics Great Again

Ike Perlmutter, the CEO of Marvel Entertainment, sure is secretive – try finding a photograph of the billionaire online, there aren’t many options! What isn’t a secret is Perlmutter’s friendship with President Donald J. Trump himself.

It’s likely not every Marvel reader is as cozy with Trump as Perlmutter, but that could soon change. Just as Marvel successfully made readers worldwide fall in love the the Inhumans, the publisher will soon do the same for Trump’s vision for America. Now, we can’t tell you where this leaked information comes from, so take it with a YUGE grain of salt if you’d like. But hey, anything’s possible in Trump’s America, right? Especially terrible things!Rumor: Donald Trump To Make Marvel Comics Great AgainIf you’re familiar with the issues that are important to the Trump administration, then you have a good idea of what the Marvel Universe will be like following Secret Empire. And yes – Captain America WILL retain aspects of his Hydra thinking (Trump, who’s been following Hydra-Cap’s journey, reportedly agrees with many of Steve’s new views).

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Front and center in the new Marvel Universe – big business.

We’re talking Stark Industries, Parker Industries, Rand Corporation, Roxxon and so on. Tony Stark will be back as Iron Man, while Peter Parker will continue to run his organization. It’s their adversaries that will change. The Mandarin and Green Goblin? They’re out! Iron Man and Spider-Man will be spending a lot more time out of their superhero suits and in classy business suits, instead, as they prioritize saving lives through job creation!

Spidey’s first arc will apparently be about Peter’s decision to shut down Parker Industries locations outside of the U.S. to ensure American workers are the ones producing Spider-Man’s high-tech gadgets.Rumor: Donald Trump To Make Marvel Comics Great AgainTrump thinks America deserves a stronger military. The same will be true of the Marvel Universe. Expect to see more experienced military men and women leading your favorite heroes, from Captain America and Captain Marvel to Red Hulk and a resurrected War Machine. Trump views these heroes as some of Marvel’s best and most talented fighters. In fact, he’s given creators within the House of Ideas one year to have these characters end evil in the Marvel Universe. Several writers are reportedly against this, as they believe the ongoing struggle between good and evil makes for better stories. Trump disagrees. He wants to end threats like Dr. Doom and Magneto so fast, it’ll leave readers’ heads spinning.

Speaking of Magneto – bad news for X-Men fans. While things were looking up following Inhumans Vs. X-Men, Marvel will reverse course as mutants are deported from the U.S., with non-American mutants banned from the country entirely. Expect to see a lot more Sentinels patrolling the skies and a lot less of fan-favorites like Storm, Nightcrawler and Iceman.Rumor: Donald Trump To Make Marvel Comics Great AgainThere’s one exception, however – Colossus. Yes, the metal-skinned, Russian strongman will get his own series. Curiously, several Russian-related characters will receive a major push following Secret Empire. Expect new debut issues for Black Widow, The Winter Soldier, The Winter Guard and even Omega Red (who Trump, apparently, has a lot of respect for).

The Punisher is another character Trump believes has gotten a bad rap. Frank Castle will lose the anti-hero stigma that’s always chased him as he’s elevated to superhero status for all the good he’s done keeping America’s streets safe. 

Finally, as the Marvel Universe has always held a mirror to our world, expect more appearances from President Trump himself. Apparently, seeds will be planted for Marvel’s next event, in which Trump finds a Cosmic Cube and attempts to accomplish more than any other president before him, while also rewriting certain historical events to better align with past statements he’s made on Twitter.

Again, not sure how much truth there is to all of this. One thing that seems guaranteed is the revamped Marvel Comics trade dress. Remember those shiny, foil covers from the 90s? Every comic is expected to come with a beautiful, very classy, gold cover. Trump believes Marvel’s series need to be top of the line comics. Just great books that are going to sell – sell really, really well. And beat DC.Rumor: Donald Trump To Make Marvel Comics Great Again

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