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Avengers #6 Review

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Avengers #6 Review

Mark Waid and Mike Del Mundo’s story arc ends today and boy does it wrap things up in high fashion. The heroes must stop Kang throughout time itself, which sounds properly epic, but is it good?

Avengers #6 (Marvel Comics)

Avengers #6 Review

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Why does this book matter?

The creative team has offered a time travelling sort of story that’s a bit different (believe it or not!) and by doing so has made a fun tale indeed. They’ve weaved in multiple timelines of the Avengers and made the story feel epic in nature (to the point where we find out Sam Wilson started the whole “Avengers Assemble” thing!). On top of this, the group of Avengers leading the charge is one of the strongest lineups in some time.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Avengers #6 Review
If I was Vision I’d be thinking, “Why is future me’s face so jacked?”

Given the cliffhanger last issue –the Avengers have lost — this issue opens in a calming sort of way which helps enhance the anxiety Waid left us with. Opening on a scene with two Visions (one from now and the other from the future), we get a good conversation about whether or not we are the same in the future since we remake ourselves over time. It seems Waid may not be done with future Vision given the scenes he’s in here, which is great since he’s pretty neat in his stoic resolve.

Much of the issue carries forward via montage as we cut between times to see how the Avengers thwart Kang. Del Mundo gets to show off his impressive and striking visual skills complete with cool effects and great use of light. There’s a great panel of the Thors smiting a baddy with their hammers with knock out stars and speed lines a plenty. Each scene resolves things in an adequate way even when only a few pages are devoted to them. That’s a testament to the art in that it can say so much in so few panels.

The story wraps up well too. Waid throws in a surprise twist or two and it gets quite intense in the final minutes of battle. Ultimately it all ends with a neat new addition to the Marvel universe that fans should keep their eyes out for. Plus, it all loops in to Avenger X quite well too.

Avengers #6 Review
I kind of love how annoyed Hulk gets.

It can’t be perfect can it?

A panel or two here and there feels rushed or unfinished. It didn’t hurt the experience all that much, but it was striking given how awesome most of Del Mundo’s panels are.

Is It Good?

This is a fun conclusion to a series that’s been unique in a variety of ways. Time travel feels fresh, the art compelling, and it’s all wrapped up in an Avenger tale worthy of the storied history they’ve already woven.

Avengers #6
Is It Good?
A fine conclusion that is filled with surprises, fun time travel action, and an excellent end.
A fun concluding chapter with action montages, new threats, and an interesting cliffhanger
Gotta love the personality Waid infuses into these characters
A panel or two looks unfinished, especially compared to other panels in this very book!
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