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Justice League #18 Review

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Justice League #18 Review

”Timeless” part 4 continues as the Justice League fight an entity attempting to save the universe from…Earth itself! Cue dramatic music…

Justice League #18 (DC Comics)

Justice League #18 Review

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So what’s it about? The official summary reads:

“TIMELESS” part four! Separated by centuries, the Justice League fights their way through the Timeless hordes towards the incredible machines that are rewriting history—except Batman, who undertakes a mission to rescue Superman from the clutches of the Timeless Mind!

Why does this book matter?

Regardless of how you feel about Bryan Hitch’s run on Justice League, the guy understands scope of story. His stories are huge and epic in ways you just don’t see everyday in comic books. Something on the scale of Secret Wars over at Marvel happens every story arc for him in this series! You’ve got to respect that.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Justice League #18 Review
What kind of diaper doeos that thing wear?

Fernando Pasarin continues to draw in a way that matches the scope of this story. The Timeless structure that covers the Earth looks huge, detailed and very intricate/believable looking. Meanwhile, the characters are rendered in great detail and you haven’t quite seen the heroes facing off against quite so many baddies in this kind of detail before. Particularly enjoyable was whenever Superman faced off against the giant baby bad guy; there’s a level of realism throughout that helps convey the stakes. All in all, the art does the story justice.

The story isn’t too bad either. The plot progresses nicely and Superman finally gets the edge he’s been looking for over the last few issues. A key element of this story arc is how Hitch reveals a bit more about the Infinity Corporation members and how they relate to our heroes. If you read the Rao story arc you’re going to want to check in on the developments of that crew here. The heroes themselves get to kick butt throughout the issue and there’s plenty for action fans to eat up. On top of that, you will not have seen the cliffhanger coming!

Justice League #18 Review
Batman in a Superman suit…doesn’t feel right.

It can’t be perfect can it?

A resolution that takes place is a bit too easy and certainly doesn’t behoove the three issues that got us here. That said, things switch up nicely with the cliffhanger, but I wasn’t too satisfied with how the heroes turn the tide here.

Is It Good?

Gorgeously rendered in size and scope, Justice League is the epic series that’ll make you go wow every time.

Justice League #18 Review
Justice League #18
Is it Good?
A big action sort of issue that changes the game at the 11th hour for the better.
A strong issue due to the epic art and tons of fun action
You won't see the cliffhanger coming
The heroes turn the tide in a way that's just too easy
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