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Grass Kings #2 Review

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Grass Kings #2 Review

I picked up Grass Kings #2 because I’d heard through the comics grapevine that issue #1 sold out, and that there was quite a bit of buzz about this new series. After reading issue 1 and 2, I can see why.

Grass Kings #2 (BOOM! Studios)

Grass Kings #2 Review

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This book is gorgeous. I’m assuming this is watercolor and pencil art, but either way, this art sings. Each page is messy and blended in gorgeous colors, with strong design choices. I’m not one who comments on the artwork of most books too much, so when I take the opening paragraph to bring notice to it? It’s quite a doozy folks.

Grass Kings #2 Review

Plot wise, this book is bringing it as well. The eponymous Grass Kings are the brothers who rule over a trailer park kingdom of their own creation. They are cut from the same cloth as the wackjobs who took over government buildings last year, as they didn’t recognize Federal Authority. This forested area is theirs, and they do not allow outsiders in. The borders are guarded, and manned, and the local police are trying to stir up some trouble, so they can finally have an excuse to go in and clear them out. Meanwhile, one of the aforementioned Kings has found a lost and disoriented girl–could she be his long lost daughter?

Grass Kings #2 Review

This is a powder keg of a book and a story. I think we can all see what’s coming down the turnpike towards these people, and while the adults leading the charge might be thickheaded and foolish, I’m worried about the kids who, like all kids, are just trying to figure out this whole growing up thing.

These character studies and departures from the tights-and-torso superhero comics are a credit to the medium. And with artwork like this, everyone should scoop these up before this gets turned into an HBO series in three years.

Grass Kings #2 Review
Grass Kings #2 Review
Is it good?
This slow burn of a book is a great read, and even better to look at. As the various interested parties in the Grass Kingdom start to converge, it's buckle your seatbelt time, as this should get very interesting very quick.
Gorgeous watercolor artwork brings each page alive in a beautiful way
This is a slow burn of a plot, with a known explosion coming down the path = powder keg of a read, and all that foreshadowing is excellent
I can't really call out anything negative. I think it's solid and worth a read. Give it a shot.
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