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Supergirl #8 Review

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Supergirl #8 Review

Sprouting from the Justice League vs. Suicide Squad comes “Family of Tomorrow,” where Supergirl and Superman meet up to fight Emerald Empress. Everyone knows Kryptonians greatest weakness is magic. Uh oh. Is it good?

Supergirl #8 (DC Comics)

Supergirl #8 Review

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So what’s it about? The official summary reads:

A “Superman Reborn Aftermath” tie-in! Superman and Supergirl meet again for the first time to face the evil of the Emerald Empress! Plus, what does it mean for the Girl of Tomorrow when tomorrow promises a Dark Knight? Shocking revelations, all-powerful sorceresses from the future, the Batgirl of Burnside and dinner in the Wild West—they’re all here in this amazing issue!

Why does this book matter?

This is a team up we don’t get enough of, plus Batgirl enters the fray. Essentially this is an issue that allows these characters to bond, which will matter greatly when the Superman crossover event we all know is coming drops.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Supergirl #8 Review
It’s a cousin thing.

Steve Orlando writes a strong issue of family bonding here as Superman and Supergirl celebrate Day of Truth, a Kryptonian holiday. For this holiday, people must be honest with each other, which helps open them up to some stuff they’ve been working on. Superman reveals to Supergirl the issue of knowing there was another Superman and the chaos that ensued after Mr. Mxyzptlk mixed up their lives. Orlando uses this to develop the characters’ bond and get Supergirl keyed into those events.

There’s action of course, given the cover you knew that, but heroes can’t just relax it appears. The action is fun, rendered well by Matias Bergara, in a cartoony sort of look that’s also detailed well. The powers of Emerald Empress look rather cool and given her powers Bergara can put these heroes through the ringer. In two short scenes, Bergara does a good job recapping the events that transpired with Mr. Mxyzptlk and if you’re new to the whole Mr. Oz scene you’ll appreciate the storytelling here. It’s worth noting the final full page splash is gorgeous with incredible detail in the buildings and certain hero perched listening in.

The scene everyone will be talking about involves Supergirl enjoying a meal with Lois, Superman, and Jon. It’s nice to see how interested Jon is in regards to Kryptonians and their family. It’s a good reminder this family is more robust than ever and there are details worth knowing. It’s also fun to see how Supergirl plays off Jon.

To end the issue, Orlando sets things up well for the next conflict and given the Batgirl Annual, a nice way of writing Batgirl into the series too.

Supergirl #8 Review
Interesting holiday. Do politicians abide by it too?

It can’t be perfect can it?

Having read Superman and Action Comics I did find the two page recap of what has happened to Superman recently somewhat boring. Sure, Superman is telling it how he see’s it, but for the well read reader it’s filler.

Is It Good?

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this issue, but was pleasantly surprised to find a comic worth every penny. The Superman family is more complex and interesting as ever, detailed here in an issue that helps remind us what has happened to Superman and what is to come!

Supergirl #8
Is It Good?
A fun, Superman-family issue that does well to capture the characters and their dynamics.
Fun interactions between Superman, Supergirl, and Jon
Interesting holiday idea
Great looking action
For readers of Action Comics and Superman the two recap pages aren't necessary
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