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Titans #10 Review

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Titans #10 Review

In the finale to the “Made in Manhattan” storyline, Bumblebee is ready to hero up and take on the Fearsome Five. Can she save the Titans, and do they even need saving?

Titans #10 (DC Comics)

Titans #10 Review

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So what’s it about? The official summary reads:

“Made in Manhattan” finale! While Wally and Dick are trapped inside Meta Solutions with the raging Mammoth, Psimon reveals that his employers have big plans for Bumblebee! Can the rest of the Titans rally before the Fearsome Five unleash hell on New York City?

Why does this book matter?

Writer Dan Abnett has been writing a lights-out superhero book that you just gotta read. The characters are interesting, the art hyper detailed (thanks to Brett Booth) and the action intense. It’s everything you’d want in a fight comic.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Titans #10 Review
That can’t be comfortable.

As far as fight comics go, there’s a lot of fighting in this issue with each hero given a chance to do their part (save for Nightwing and Flash as they’re literally tied up). Abnett does a good job showing and not telling, especially when the Titans lose to these villains. Let’s just say some wild cards show up, so it’s believable this super team might fall. That allows Bumblebee to swoop in and do her thing and it’s great fun to see what she can do.

Abnett integrates Bumblebee’s husband well too, with a higher risk than ever for him as he’s powerless. In one fell swoop Abnett shows how much he loves her, which pays off later when a truly tragic occurrence happens. Let’s just say after this issue you’ll be curious to see these characters interact again.

Booth’s art is top shelf in this issue. There’s a lot of fighting, a lot of characters on the page, and it’s easy to follow said action. Lilith Clay looks particularly badass in her cloak and her mind battle–a tricky thing to pull off visually–looks great too. There’s a lot of powers being thrown around in this issue and they all get pulled off well. Layouts continue to to use all sorts of angles and the final page is a beauty, as the panels shuffle down the page and the POV gets closer on the characters.

Titans #10 Review
Gotta love, or hate, luck powers.

It can’t be perfect can it?

This is a top notch superhero comic for sure, though character work for a majority of the characters does not happen. You can’t ask for it all though, and key development for Bumblebee and her husband takes place, so that’s a win in my book.

Is It Good?

Another excellent issue in what is a fantastic superhero fight comic. Titans is the best superhero team book on the stands. Period.

Titans #10 Review
Titans #10
Is It Good?
A great finale to a story arc that introduces a new hero with a new big problem.
A strong fight comic to say the least
Bumblebee to the rescue, but at what cost?!
Most of the characters get a time to shine, though not much character work for most of the team
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