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Lucifer #17 Review

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Lucifer #17 Review

Many balls are in the air when it comes to the life of Lucifer, which has made the series interesting as a new god rules over Earth. It’s also made it somewhat slow in its pacing. We review the latest issue out today, to answer the question, is it good?

Lucifer #17 Review
Writer: Richard Kadrey
Artist: Lee Garbett
Publisher: Vertigo

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So what’s it about? The official summary reads:

Backed by the Presence and wielding new powers, Takehiko steps forward to take revenge on Lucifer. As the filial tradition continues, Izanami conspires with Rosemary to take down Mazikeen, or so it seems. And the only thing more disorienting than an assassin with unclear allegiances is the hangover that hits you after using a demonic drug made from the flesh of a fallen angel.

Why does this book matter?

Lee Garbett has been stellar on this series, drawing the weird world of Lucifer in a very mythical sort of way. The creatures look real and varied and Lucifer, ever the vain one, looks sharp as a tack. Bring in writer Richard Kadrey, a man who has written his fair share of novels involving Hell and you have a good combo indeed.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Lucifer #17 Review
I love these wonderful creatures.

Let’s start with the art, because it’s probably the best aspect of this issue. The book opens in Hell, see above, with a menagerie of demons all about; the look of the creatures in this issue are fantastic and help make the seemingly boring talking scenes otherworldly and unique. Characters scream out and laugh and you feel it due to Garbett’s strong facial expressions. Overall this is another great issue in a long line of them.

The funny thing about this issue is how Lucifer pops up in most of the scenes for once, and yet he’s more a spectator in those scenes. Characters proposition him, tell him information, and generally ruin his day. All the while he’s hoisting a martini up and toasting them with a smirk. His demeanor allows the other characters to shine and Kadrey does a good job juggling them all. One might retitle this, “Lucifer’s No Good, Very Bad Day” and it certainly gets bad for him as the issue progresses. The characters around him continue to aid him or go on their own missions (with Gabriel discovering something quite fascinating) and they all feel quite realistic.

Actual major events happen in this issue, which isn’t something you can say of the last issue. It feels like things are actually progressing and the cliffhanger certainly means Lucifer has to get up and do something already!

Lucifer #17 Review
These side characters seem more in focus at times.

It can’t be perfect can it?

With so many balls in the air it’s difficult to care about any given one. Characters plot things and achieve things here, but it’s all starting to feel quite thin. There’s too much going on and not enough reason to care about it all. Lucifer’s laidback demeanor doesn’t help and one has to wonder when the heck he’s going to attack God already. There’s obviously some plan Lucifer isn’t telling anyone (or us), but it’s impossible to guess what it is which makes all these endeavors paper thin. It also makes this simply impossible to read if you haven’t been reading all along.

Is It Good?

I’d say it’s good if you’ve been reading all along, but it’s hard to care about all these plot threads that move at a glacial pace. It looks good doing it though, and the world of Lucifer is such a complex one you’re bound to be lost in its beautiful pages.

Lucifer #17 Review
Lucifer #17
Is it Good?
A good issue that's starting to go so slowly you'll be scratching your head as to what the end game could possibly be.
Major events occur and the supporting characters feel in focus
Gorgeous art with tons of wild creatures in the panels
Still moving very slowly with so many plot threads it's hard to care about any of them or understand where any of it is going
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