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Iron Fist #4 Review

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Iron Fist #4 Review

Three champions down and only four to go. Nearly half-way to his goal, things were finally starting to look up for Danny, until treachery rears its nasty head. A new shadowy figure has emerged and Danny still has four masters to face. So let’s find out if this issue is any good!

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Iron Fist #4 Review
Iron Fist #4
Writer: Ed Brisson
Artist: Mike Perkins
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Marvel synopsis:

A DARK HISTORY UNVEILED! The secret origin of the island of Liu-Shi is revealed! And Danny takes it personally. VERY personally. The fight for the Chi of K’un-Lun is about to get very bloody!

What’s the skinny?

After defeating the deadly Rat of Twelve Plagues and bizarre Resourceful Snake, Danny was riding high on a wave of victory. Unfortunately things came crashing down quickly as it was revealed that Choshin is a ruthless liar who will stop at nothing to destroy Danny’s reputation, replace K’un-Lun and steal the mantle of Iron Fist.

Danny’s budding friendship with Hark was tragically cut short as Choshin’s men ambushed the pair, poisoned Danny and murdered poor Hark. When it’s revealed to Danny that not only has the council lied to him about his chi, but a member also had a hand in Hark’s murder, he reacts in a way that reminds us why the Iron Fist is a force to be feared. Driven by rage and a desire for vengeance, Danny works his way through the remaining masters to confront the council.

What’s the catch?

One of the new masters Danny faces is the Rabbit of the Holy Flame. As with the previous masters the Rabbit is unique–he has metal prosthesis in place of legs. I was a bit disappointed that no explanation or backstory was offered here. The same can be said for the two other masters that we see later in the issue; both are unique but we don’t get any backstory. Admittedly due to the pacing of the story it would’ve been difficult to fit in backstories for the three new masters we’re introduced to, but I had really enjoyed that aspect of the story with each previous opponent.

Iron Fist #4 Review

Is It Good?

Mike Perkins work continues to shine in displaying Iron Fist’s fighting prowess in his battles with the different masters. In each battle we can clearly see the different emotions at play within Danny at he fights. At times his rage and ferocity are practically pouring off the pages. I love seeing Perkins take all the wacky kung fu names Brisson comes up with and bring them to life.

The council preaches to be better than K’un-Lun and take pride in holding themselves to a higher standard. Yet it’s revealed that they’ve lied to Danny about his chi and want to invade K’un-Lun. Not only that, but Choshin’s men murder the innocent Hark and attempt to frame Danny. The Rabbit of the Holy Flame knows this and yet still advises Danny to finish the tournament to earn the councils respect. After murder, lies and deception, why the hell would Danny care about the council’s respect? The Rabbit of the Holy Flame’s logic was just plain perplexing here.

The good news is after everything that’s come to light, Danny doesn’t give a damn about earning the council’s respect. He’s pissed off, focused and downright enraged. The shock of Hark’s murder, the lies of the council and the revelation that Ku’n-Lun is at risk has finally given Danny the focus he’s been lacking since he journeyed to the island. As the Iron Fist, his purpose is to protect and safeguard Ku’n-Lun. Without it, he was lost and wandered into the grasp of this mysterious island. But as most things we run from tend to do, his biggest failure has come full-circle and has galvanized him into action.

The Iron Fist has at last truly been revived, regained his purpose and it’s clear the masters and their council don’t understand the extent of what they’ve awoken. Ed Brisson provides an issue jam-packed with bad-ass kung fu, intrigue and a hero who’s finally rediscovered his purpose in life.

Iron Fist #4 Review
Iron Fist #4
Is it good?
Ed Brisson provides an issue jam-packed with bad-ass kung fu, intrigue and a hero who's finally rediscovered his purpose in life.
The fight sequence artwork continues to shine
Lots of kung fu, action and a pissed off Iron Fist kicking ass
Solid pacing and story development
I would have liked to have seen backstory for the featured champions
A perplexing moment mid story that's a bit illogical

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