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Copperhead #14 Review

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Copperhead #14 Review

Sheriff Bronson finally meets the mayor’s killer. Boo finally grows a backbone. And one of the series’ most frustrating plot threads finally gets pulled into the main narrative fold.

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Copperhead #14 Review
Copperhead #14
Writer: Jay Faerber
Artist: Drew Moss
Publisher: Image Comics

First Read Reactions

  • Note to acting Mayor Boo: When you let shady businessmen become your most trusted allies, they will inevitably force you to make bad decisions.
  • Drunk Doctor 1, Sheriff Bronson 0.
  • I’m not sure what an artificial human would ask for a favor, but Bronson going to owe Ismael a big one for this.
  • Always a good idea to drink antidotes to protect you from carnivorous worm attacks…just in case.
  • I don’t know who this assassin is, but she’s doing to Bronson what I want to do to the narrative for this story arc.
  • As usual, Lt. Ford is completely useless.
  • …and welcome to the universe’s most awkward (and poorly timed) reunion.

Copperhead #14 Review

The Verdict

Well, it’s definitely better than the last two issues. Unfortunately, it’s still nowhere near as good as the book was before.

While Drew Moss continues to do a great job filling in for Scott Godlewski (especially on the kick-ass action sequence near the end), Faeber’s narrative leaves me continually scratching my head.

Boo goes from seemingly not giving a crap about Bronson to extreme concern for her well being. Ishmael goes from helpful advisor to magical plot point finder simply by Bronson requesting that he “turn up the heat.” And don’t even get me started on how seemingly mundane the murder mystery resolution turned out to be.

About the only thing I liked in this issue (besides the great fight and the doctor) was the one thing that has bugged the heck out of me since Copperhead’s return. We FINALLY get a little more time with Bronson’s ex and his mission to get to Jasper—which finally puts him exactly where we knew he’d end up since he first showed up.

Let’s hope his appearance—and the conflict it’s sure to create—kick starts Copperhead into a desperately needed return to form.

Copperhead #14 Review
Copperhead #14
Is it good?
Despite the long awaited arrival of a major plot point, Copperhead is still a shell of the great book it used to be.
Drew Moss continues to do a great job filling in for Scott Godlewski, especially on the kick-ass action sequence near the end.
Faeber can choreograph one heck of a good fight...
..unfortunately, his usual knack for tight narrative structure is still mostly MIA.
Lt. Ford is still terrible.

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