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Lucifer #19 Review

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Lucifer #19 Review

The end has come for >Lucifer and to this humble reviewer it has come too soon. The story feels so big and incapable of wrapping up in only a single issue I fear this issue may rush things. Whelp, let’s dive in shall we? After 19 issues can Richard Kadrey and Lee Garbett do this series justice?

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Lucifer #19 Review
Lucifer #19
Writer: Richard Kadrey
Artist: Lee Garbett
Publisher: Vertigo

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

This is it. As his enemies rally and Hell is divided, Lucifer initiates his final confrontation with the Presence—but, after everything, what if ultimate control of the universe comes down to a child’s game? And at the end of it all, lovers will reunite, happily or not.

Why does this book matter?

This series has accomplished a mythical level of storytelling for so long it’s undoubtedly going to wrap things up well. On top of that, Garbett is a master of drawing the hellish realm and Lucifer looks so damn dapper. Bring it on!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Lucifer #19 Review
Another pretty issue by Garbett.

For a series that has felt very slow for many issues it sure does pack a lot into one issue. Lucifer not only takes on the new God of the universe, but also discovers great truths about those who have died. This issue has many conclusions and also some nice loose ends to carry the story forward in your mind. It also incorporates all the characters we’ve grown to love over its arc and made for a nice conclusion at the very end between Lucifer and his love.

Oh, and Garbett does a fantastic job as always! This series may be over, but I can’t wait for what Garbett has for us next. From his subtle, suave panels of Lucifer to some epic gore you’re in for a treat with this issue. On top of the gorgeous cover there’s also some great panel work, like the panel above that showcases cityscape as Lucifer looks on. It’s going to be a series that’s ethereal and beautiful in its interpretation of hell and the characters that revolve around it.

Lucifer #19 Review
Well she’s screwed.

It can’t be perfect can it?

As I feared, this story rushes to its conclusions. After slowly revealing double crosses and new twists there are plot points wrapped up that could have used two or three issues to build with so they felt more meaningful — the issue as a whole screams, “Ended too soon.” It’s unfortunate, as Holly Black built up such a lush and interesting world and now it comes crashing down to an end too quickly. It’ll be interesting to see the next creative team’s take on this series because there are endings here that feel so abrupt it’s almost as if the reader was cheated. Lucifer takes on the new God of Earth and it’s reduced to a sword fight and some clever plot devices. There are double crosses, surprising twists and reveals that all feel unearned and it makes the entire issue feel sour. It’s very clear the end was brought earlier than expected and the creators had to make do with the page count they had, which makes the story suffer. It’s an end, but it’s not very satisfying.

Is It Good?

A gorgeous end does not make a great one. It’s very clear Lucifer came to an abrupt end that even its creators had no way of writing themselves out of. That makes the finale suffer in so many ways and it should make longtime fans grieve at the fact that this series was great, but came to its end too quickly.

Lucifer #19 Review
Lucifer #19
Is it good?
There are conclusions, but they come so fast and with so many unearned twists it's rather uninspiring.
Fantastic art sells the book all the way through
There are conclusions that's for sure...
...they just come in an unearned and rushed way
It'll be interesting to see if this series starts again because some characters are ended in a cheapened way

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