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Jupiter's Legacy Vol. 2 #5 Review

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Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 2 #5 Review

Mark Millar and Frank Quitely end book two in this action packed finale.

Jupiter's Legacy Vol. 2 #5 Review

Mark Millar recently ended the first “book” of Reborn and it was quite a climactic issue. This week, Jupiter’s Legacy ends its second book too, and the climax involves a lot of fighting. Bring it on!

So what’s it about?

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The official summary reads:

MINISERIES CONCLUSION The series climax of epic superhero saga JUPITER’S LEGACY, VOL. 2 has arrived! War is still raging between the super-villains and heroes to see who will control the world’s superpowers. Brandon and Chloe have a long-standing score to settle- in the end, will blood prove thicker than water?

Why does this book matter?

Frank Quitely has been drawing the hell out of this series and his detailed, unique style should continue to impress here. Meanwhile, Millar’s story of redemption, villains turning into heroes and the defeat of a dictator supervillain mean this tale is building towards an epic finale.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Jupiter's Legacy Vol. 2 #5 Review
Clever girl…

One of the more interesting aspects of this series–and really how Millar approaches heroes in general–is how it can take powers we’ve seen for decades and show them at work in different ways. This issue opens with two characters battling through their minds, forcing each other to think they’re in a different place while at the same time throwing fists into each other’s faces. As each character transports the other to a creation in their mind they verbally spar to get an edge on the other. This not only creates a discombobulating aspect to the battle and to the reader’s perception, but allows for the scenes to cut suddenly (in a good way) to action. It’s an awesome way to open the issue and a great way to show two powerhouse characters duke it out.

Much of the rest of the issue involves a prison break and Chloe finally getting some revenge. There’s a lot of intense action in this issue–much of the book is really all action–and this leads to a satisfying conclusion. Millar asks a few questions, one of which might apply to humanity itself, which will make you think. It’s a good ending that will make readers interested for what’s to come, but also feel satisfied with the status quo in this ending.

The art continues to look good, especially with Sunny Gho’s colors. Quitely’s style continues to draw clothing and facial expressions. There’s a good use of space on the page as well with a cinematic wider panel used throughout. That gives the book a cinematic feel that suits the largeness of the story.

Jupiter's Legacy Vol. 2 #5 Review
The old switcheroo!

It can’t be perfect can it?

The art is noticeably different and rougher this issue and at first I couldn’t figure out why. Upon closer inspection though, it looks like Quitely didn’t do any inking, or at the very least a lot less of it. The lines end up being less striking and contrasting which at times can make the faces look a tad muddy. There are some panels that look a bit rushed too, which ended up making the art look less striking.

Is It Good?

A excellent conclusion and a big idea is introduced that’ll make you think about humanity and the characters in this story. Cool stuff.

Jupiter's Legacy Vol. 2 #5 Review
Jupiter's Legacy Vol. 2 #5
Is it good?
A solid ending that continues to showcase how Millar can tell fresh stories with super powered heroes.
Excellent opening that plays with mind controlled characters fighting against each other
Action packed issue with a great ending
Art utilizes space well with great color
The lines seem to lack the inking of previous issues and can look rushed and almost unfinished

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