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Old Man Logan #26 Review

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Old Man Logan #26 Review

Logan must track down Maestro and his Hulk army before they nuke the world. No big deal.

Ed Brisson and Mike Deodato Jr. have taken over from Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino and they couldn’t have started with a stronger first issue. Not only does Logan have something very important to finish, but the story has been action packed, blood soaked, and very good at capturing the inner monologue of everyone’s favorite Canadian. Onto part two this week, and I couldn’t be more excited.

So what’s it about?

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The official summary reads:

LOGAN IS ON THE HUNT! Determined not to let history repeat itself, LOGAN takes matters into his own hands and hunts down the HULK GANG! But he’ll need the help of an OLD FRIEND if he wants to stay on their trail…And will a miscalculation on MAESTRO’S team give Logan the advantage he needs…or seal his fate?

Why does this book matter?

If you’re a fan of Mark Millar’s Old Man Logan this is must read material. Not only does it continue Logan’s story from that series, but this issue even flashes back to it! Plus, who doesn’t like to see Deodato Jr. cut loose on some redneck Hulks who deserve a beating?

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Old Man Logan #26 Review
The good old days…

Opening with a flashback, Brisson reminds readers why Logan’s mission is so important as he’s trying to prevent a nuclear bomb from dropping and making America a wasteland. Brisson also reminds us Logan had a kid and wife and once lived a simpler life. Now he’s on the hunt for Maestro who commands an army of Hulks and very much wants to drop a nuke on America. I’d say those stakes are high enough!

This issue mostly brings us a bit closer to Maestro and his Hulk underlings so that the reader can understand the dynamics between the characters and their plans. A few cut aways remind us Logan has friends in many places (Alpha Flight fans gotta read this one) and ends with Logan continuing his hunt. All in all, the story progresses the Hulk side of things while reminding readers Logan is not to be trifled with.

Deodato Jr. continues to use interesting panel work to make every page dynamic and interesting. In a fantastic layout later in the issue, an explosion sends a character into the dirt and the panels below it are knocked off course and spilling down the page. It adds a bit of motion and chaos to the scene wonderfully. In a double page layout earlier in the issue, Maestro gives a rousing speech and across the middle of these pages he’s talking with an arm extended across nine panels. The panels don’t necessarily need to be there, but they add something to the dynamic nature of his pose. Did I mention Deodato Jr. is a great fit for a book like this? He draws Logan with a bit of grit that suits his older self. He also gets his height down too!

Old Man Logan #26 Review

It can’t be perfect can it?

This issue certainly has a lot of table setting going on–Logan acts more as window dressing, as most of the issue focuses on Maestro and the Hulks. It’s a necessary element, but it certainly misses Logan. The final few pages play out in an expected way that you’ll see coming a mile away. Five or so pages are devoted to an action scene that feels overly long and drawn out too.

Is It Good?

While not perfect, I’m really digging Brisson and Deodato Jr.’s latest story arc, as it mixes Millar’s Old Man Logan and the current events of the Marvel U very well.

Old Man Logan #26 Review
Old Man Logan #26
Is it good?
Another good chapter due to great art and interesting ties to Millar's Old Man Logan.
Excellent art with very dynamic layouts
Cool flashbacks to the Millar Old Man Logan storyline
You get a good sense of the Hulk team's dynamics
Not a lot of Logan in this one
Final action scene drags things out

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