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DC/KFC #3: Across the Universe #3 Review

Comic Books

DC/KFC #3: Across the Universe #3 Review

Ever wanted to see how the Zinger chicken sandwich was shared across the cosmos? Probably not, but you can now!

Back in 2015 DC comics teamed up with KFC to make a team up nobody thought possible. Or at the very least, nobody thought would be a good idea. See for yourself as you can read issue #1 and issue #2 free right now. It’s a silly combo that is tongue in cheek of the best of ways. Welp, DC Comics is releasing the third chapter at SDCC this year and we got a chance to review it early!

DC/KFC #3: Across the Universe #3 Review
DC/KFC #3: Across the Universe
Writer: Tony Bedard
Artist: Tom Derenick
Publisher: DC Comics

So what’s it about?

This is a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive custom comic that has the Colonel team up with Green Lantern to help ease the minds and hunger of millions of alien worlds via the Zinger chicken sandwich. Really.

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Why does this book matter?

The first two issues are cult classics (depending on your definition of a classic!) and serve as an advertisement to KFC in a fun and meta way. The trick is, Tony Bedard makes it fun and funny for all ages to enjoy.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

DC/KFC #3: Across the Universe #3 Review
Low hanging fruit!

KFC has had some incredible marketing going on for some time now and this series is proof of that. Who would have ever thought Colonel Sanders would be a strong hero of the ages is beyond me, but hell, they’ve got multiple comedians playing the guy on TV commercials and it works. This issue does well to make all the heroes who pop up respect the colonel, who just wants to fill bellies and make the world a better–and more chicken filled–place. From the one liners, “This ain’t my first barbecue” to a space suit complete with suit jacket and tie, there are a lot of silly and over the top things in this issue. Because Bedard writes this so over the top the marketing angle almost seems invisible since the joke is the food and Colonel himself. Hell, the way the characters shout the name of the sandwich is hilarious and should get a few laughs out of readers.

Tom Derenick draws this issue and by the looks of it this is of high quality you wouldn’t expect from such a seemingly frivolous affair. Growing up, the couple pages of marketing stunts in comics were a bit half assed, but not so here and there’s some great work throughout. A cool montage recapping the last two issues solidly gets the point across as events run down the page, constructs look great, and the Colonel always appears over the top confident in a heroic sort of way.

DC/KFC #3: Across the Universe #3 Review
Oh boy…

It can’t be perfect can it?

I mean, this is a pretty over the top silly concept right? It’s also a marketing stunt, which might put some off. Overall it’s a good comic, but seeing as it’s not part of the actual universe it’s also sort of pointless. I wouldn’t say it’s hilarious either as it never had me laughing out loud. It’s good for a chuckle or two though.

Is It Good?

Are you ready to witness the Zinger chicken sandwich’s unveiling to the universe? Over the top and stupid in a funny sort of way, you can’t find anything like this anywhere.

DC/KFC #3: Across the Universe #3 Review
DC/KFC #3: Across the Universe #3 Review
Is it good?
It's worth a chuckle, but ultimately what's the point?
It's a well made comic that looks as good as any other
A couple chuckle worthy moments due to it being so over the top
It's not as hilarious as one might expect
Doesn't actually matter and really, it's just a commercial for a Zinger chicken sandwich

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