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Bankshot #2 Review

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Bankshot #2 Review

‘Bankshot’ reveals how Marcus got his powers, but can the comic entertain enough to have it matter?

There are many ways to tell the origin of a hero, and we’re getting one type in Bankshot, a new action series from Dark Horse Comics. We recently spoke with the creative team, who explained this series sprouted after Alex de Campi realized she had to tell this story first. It’s the origin of a soldier turned hero and this issue digs deep in explaining how he got here.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

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Marcus King was shot in the back, paralyzed, and left for dead. But fate, a beautiful woman, and science intervened. Now King has returned, better than ever, on a mission to take down the most dangerous adversary from his past: the Dutchman. Spies! Intrigue! Betrayal!

Why does this book matter?

This is a superhero story told via real world drama around the war in the Middle East, politicians twiddling their thumbs, and innocent men losing their lives. It’s the kind of gritty war story that many will love.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Bankshot #2 Review
Prepare for a flashback issue..

The last issue didn’t show us much of Marcus King in the present kicking butt, but we get some of that this issue! His suit looks fantastic, and Chris Cross and Snakebite Cortez make it look all kinds of cool. A big tease of this issue comes in the last page, which shows off what Marcus can do in a really cool way. Be prepared for a big action scene next issue, because Marcus is literally popping eyeballs out with his fists. There’s also a fantastic half page panel of Marcus flying up into the sky with a neat speed-lined digital effect that looks cool too.

Much of this issue shows us how Marcus went from a paraplegic to a superhero and it, of course, involves Russians. The soviets must be on de Campi’s mind, as she involves them with the political angle too. As we learn how Marcus got super powered we get key info on the politicians in the present and the work they’re doing to find and kill Marcus. Things aren’t looking up for him, but then there’s a scene involving chess, so maybe he’s planned for the inevitable.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Unfortunately, this series is slow. Too slow I’d wager, taking its time to show us Marcus in a hospital and the danger he’s in prior to gaining powers. It then spends time showing Marcus interact with seemingly pointless characters (like the character who wants to play chess) and drags out his origin too long. The last page gives me hope, but this series desperately needs an infusion of action! The politicians who are planning his demise are also written into scenes that are boring and long winded. I’m not sure readers will care all that much about what is said in this issue and if they’re like me, they just want some superhero action already!

The actual gaining of powers is rather too easy too. I won’t spoil it here, but it appears Marcus was very lucky to end up where he is which greatly reduces the meaning behind the powers.

Is It Good?

I want to like Bankshot, but it’s unfortunately dragging and taking way too much time getting to the inevitable action. Even the character moments drag on and seem pointless in the grand scheme of things.

Bankshot #2 Review
Bankshot #2
Is it good?
It's a boring issue but at least it shows promise with its last page.
Solid last page promises action
We find out how Marcus got his powers...
...but it's not very satisfying
Most of this issue drags and needs a shot of action already
The politicians are boring and don't add much

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