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'The Flash' #27 is a must-read issue. An entire issue of pure action and suspense.

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The Flash #27 Review

‘The Flash’ #27 is a must-read issue. An entire issue of pure action and suspense.

The epic conclusion of “Running Scared” is here in The Flash #27–it all comes down to this one last fight between Flash and his Reverse. A Barry Allen we’re not used to is seen and he’s never been more determined to end the Reverse-Flash forever. Barry Allen is usually careful with his speed and never overuses his powers for any reason due to the consequences. Barry Allen is so desperate he’s willing to put his morals aside, scrambling to do whatever it takes to defeat Reverse-Flash. For the first time maybe ever there is actual fear in the eyes of Reverse-Flash. His facial expressions are full of life fear when he sees Barry in this issue, which sheds a whole new light on Reverse-Flash.

The guy is so evil and sadistic that you wouldn’t expect to see him so vulnerable, but it actually happens and it’s almost sad to see him like that. You can see the shock and fear when he knows he might be defeated. Even after all that he still ends up smiling in the face of his end and that’s how you write a Reverse-Flash story. Everything about him in this issue was picture perfect.

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The action scenes are amazing in this issue. There are moments when you think they’re just fighting like normal speedsters do but then it shows the view of their fight and they’re running around the world over and over again; it’s very impressive. Every page has some sort of action sequence which always looks beautiful in a Flash comic. The art all around is great with more than enough color and unique tones to make the comic pop without looking muddy or blinding. The art in every Flash issue is one of my favorite parts–it’s so unique and instantly recognizable, setting it apart from most comics on the shelf.

'The Flash' #27 is a must-read issue. An entire issue of pure action and suspense.

Barry Allen and Iris West have some very interesting moments and it’ll be interesting to see where this story takes them from here. This issue leaves them in somewhat of a cliffhanger so you don’t really know where they end up in their relationship. This issue has every element that makes a good story. There is a great amount of action and plenty og suspenseful moments throughout the entire issue. No page of this book was wasted and all had great dialogue, bringing out the best of each character.

'The Flash' #27 is a must-read issue. An entire issue of pure action and suspense.

It seems like every version of the Flash is impressive and intriguing right now–whether it be comics, movies or television, the Scarlett Speedster is always dominating and reminding the reader why he’s one of the best. Seeing him debut as the Negative-Flash was a side we’ve never seen before. He completely took over the issue and made this story more suspenseful than the Reverse-Flash did. And from what it seems, we may be seeing more of this power from Barry Allen that will affect his personal life and his life as a hero. This is the issue you cannot miss out on.

The Flash #27
Is it good?
The Flash #27 is a must-read issue. An entire issue of pure action action and suspense.
The overall look to the Negative-Flash and his ruthlessness was something new and exciting.
It's hard not to like a Reverse-Flash story and he was a great part of this issue. I hope it's not the last we see of him.
Neither Wally West had any part of this issue other than being seen in the background for a couple panels. Would have liked to see some more involvement.

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