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Game of Thrones: Is the Night King a Greenseer?


Game of Thrones: Is the Night King a Greenseer?

We know Game of Thrones’ main antagonist, the Night King is one bad dude. But is he a Greenseer like Bran, a magic adept who can see forwards and backwards through time?

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first. The Night King got himself a zombie dragon (R.I.P. Viserion) at the end of “Beyond the Wall.”

Crazy, I know.

Game of Thrones: Is the Night King a Greenseer?

But as terrifying a notion a White Walker-piloted, blue-eyed wight dragon burning down The Wall is — there’s an even crazier notion to address first: the Night King is a time-monitoring Greenseer — just like Bran — and a far more powerful one at that.

Even with what little we know about the Night King, the evidence is there. We know he was of the First Men, the original human inhabitants of Westeros, who became more inclined to Greenseeing because of their affiliation with the Children of the Forest; we know that he most likely has some high level warging ability as well, given his ability to raise the dead into wights and control their actions; we also know he’s been around for approximately 12,000 years — ample time to sufficiently hone his magical capabilities — far more than Bran, who at the moment is a comparatively green Greenseer.

Our first hint to the Night King’s Greenseeing proficiency is in S6E5 “The Door”, when Bran has a vision of the Night King and his undead army; up until this point, Bran’s presence has been near-imperceptible to those in his visions, even when shouting their names aloud, like he does to his father Ned Stark in a past vision of the Tower of Joy (S6E3 “Oathbreaker”). The Night King, however, is fully cognizant of Bran when he draws near — he not only sees Bran, but grabs him by the arm and “marks” him — which allows him to track Bran to Bloodraven’s cave even when he awakens from the vision.

Does the location of the NK and his army from Bran’s vision look a little familiar?

It should. It’s the same place the Hound envisions in the fire through the “Lord of Light”; the same “mountain shaped like an arrowhead” where the Children of the Forest created the Night King on the weirwood tree with a dragonglass dagger; the same spot where Jon Snow and his Suicide Squad eventually ended up surrounded by the WW army during the final act of “Beyond the Wall.”

And now? The same spot where the Night King resurrected Viserion. Coincidence? Or is there some unexplained importance to the location? One thing is certain — the Night King and the rest of the White Walkers were well prepared for Daenerys and her dragons swooping in to save the day.

Need proof? Let’s start with:

The Magic Ice Spears

Game of Thrones: Is the Night King a Greenseer?

Three of the White Walkers are equipped with one of these: the ultimate, state-of-the-art, anti-dragon ballistics — one for each dragon. That’s just what they carry around with them on the regular, you say? Then why didn’t the Night King use his extreme poise and Tom Brady-like precision to spear Jon Snow from one hundred yards out? Watch the video again (if your heart can take it): the White Walker lieutenant calmly hands the Night King the ice javelin the moment the dragons arrive and start wreaking havoc — which suggests they were saving them for that exact moment.

But where did the White Walkers get those chains?

They were already there. The chains were attached either to a derelict ship or were being used on a nearby dock; you can see them when Viserion crashes to his death (and before he’s submerged in the ice lake):

Game of Thrones: Is the Night King a Greenseer?

And again later when the wights drag Viserion’s body from the lake:

Game of Thrones: Is the Night King a Greenseer?

More evidence that suggests the spot where the Night King killed Viserion wasn’t mere coincidence — as a Greenseer, he’d have been able to foresee both the dragons coming and the spot with the chains and the ice lake (so Viserion would be submerged and unable to be burned by Jon Snow and company) as the perfect confluence of factors in procuring an ice dragon.

So is the Night King simply a powerful Greenseer that was turned to the side of the White Walkers by the Children? Did he somehow plant the vision of the “arrowhead mountain” into the Hound’s fire vision? Why would the Lord of Light give the same visions to the Hound that eventually led to the Night King’s procurement of a dragon? Questions for another time. But the truth remains: The Night King has powerful Greenseeing capabilities that will likely prove vital to the overarching Game of Thrones when all is said and done.

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