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Venomverse: War Stories #1 Review

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Venomverse: War Stories #1 Review

Venomized Punisher and Rocket Raccoon? Sign us up.

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I love symbiotes! Even If you are not a Venom fan, you still must respect the powers the symbiote possesses! The alien species has taken over heroes like Wolverine, Gwenpool, Old Man Logan, Deadpool, and Ghost Rider. The stories are limitless with what you can do with the alien. We are coming off Edge of Venomverse, about to take the leap into Venomverse, but first we have to take a quick pitstop at Venomverse: War Stories #1!


So what is Venomverse: War Stories #1?

Venomverse: War Stories is an anthology made up of five different tales of symbiote possession crafted by an all-star group of creators. The stories are well written and a lot of fun. We witness the symbiote possess such heroes as Dr. Strange, Captain America, The Punisher, and even Rocket Raccoon!

Go On……

So, the beginning tale is a conversation between Dr. Strange and Capt. America reflecting on their recent encounter with the Poisons. The Poisons are “nature’s answer” to the Venom symbiotes. And they are going to need to recruit more heroes for the battle. From there, we move on to what I think is the most surprising tale of the book: a paralyzed young girl named Ngozi crosses paths with a symbiote after she sees the Rhino battle Black Panther. The symbiote grants Ngozi the use of her legs again and she jumps into action!

Venomverse: War Stories #1 Review

Then two of my favorite Marvel heroes get engulfed by a symbiote! First up is The Punisher in a twisted tale that is as much horror as anything. An unarmed Punisher comes face to face with the Kingpin and Castle makes a deal with the devil! Something you have to see with your own eyes to truly behold. Easily my favorite story in the book! Next up, Rocket Raccoon has his run in with a symbiote. I can only sum this up as something incredible to see! The little guy sports the symbiote well as he trades paws….errrr blows with Captain America.

The final tale is one that I would love to see an extended version of. And who knows, maybe we will see more as Venomverse progresses. Dr. Doom, The Avengers, a symbiote, and a bunch more “venomized” heroes stalking the earth. I am looking forward to Venomverse!

Venomverse: War Stories #1 Review


So Dave, I don’t even have to ask if it’s good….

No! You don’t! Venomverse War Stories #1 was a big surprise for me. I saw previews for it and figured it would be something I would grab eventually. But then I saw that The Punisher and Rocket Raccoon were going to be in it and it became a must have for me! And those variant covers are damn nice as well.

As mentioned earlier, the lineup of creators is outstanding! Writers Cullen Bunn, Nnedi Okorafor, Delcan Shalvey, Magdalene Visaggio, and Aaron Covington absolutely killed it with their respective tales. There are five stories jammed into one book, so the pacing has to be sharp and each writer was spot on with their execution. The artwork by Annapaola Martello, Tana Ford, Declan Shalvey, Alex Arizmendi, and Khary Randolph also deliver to the max! The Punisher skull with the spider arms extending from it immediately cries out “turn me into a shirt!” Marvel, make that happen! I will buy five!

[amazon_link asins=’B07368QWZZ’ template=’BottomAdAIPT’ store=’aiptcomics-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’32809369-92c1-11e7-a998-f7cb263035c1′]

I can’t leave out the hardworking colorists, Java Tartaglia, Ian Herring, Chris O’ Halloran, Lee Loughridge, and Emilo Lopez. They killed in creating the dark tone and atmosphere of their stories. Combined, this book has a lethal group of creators that I would love to see work together again in the future!

Bottom line is go buy this book! Venomverse: War Stories #1 is a well written anthology with an all-star group of creators that you absolutely can’t avoid reading! I was on the fence if I was going to check out the Venomverse series that is also being released the same day, but War Stories just violently shoved me off that fence! Venomverse, here I come!

Venomverse: War Stories #1 Review
Venomverse: War Stories #1 Review
Is it good?
All star lineup of creators!
The artwork is superb!
Rocket Raccoon as a symbiote!
Five strong tales that stand on their own and are fun
I wanted more! This could have been separated into a couple of issues and extended the stories

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