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Amerikarate #6 Review

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Amerikarate #6 Review

Explosions explosively disrupt Sam’s life as Cynthia fights for her legs in the midst of the mysterious robot crime wave.

Walk into a comic shop today and there are superheroes spread throughout the store. Covers of zombies staring back at you and the latest “hit” book sitting on the shelf, all trying to grab your dollar. In the middle of the masses is a smart, quirky, funny as hell book full of 80’s goodness titled Amerikarate that deserves your dollar!

Tell me more, Dave!

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Gladly. Amerikarate #6 keeps the action rolling as things start to heat up; at the end of the fifth issue, Sam Kickwell, Cynthia, and Billy crossed paths with a robot thug resulting in an explosion injuring Cynthia’s legs and killing Billy. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! He was only days away from retiring! Now with Cynthia out of commission in a wheelchair, and Billy blown to pieces, there is only one thing left for Kickwell to do: put on a badass Charlie Bronson mustache and kick the s--t out of some bad guys in the name of revenge.

Amerikarate #6 Review

And Kickwell does just that. Of course, he must take some time out for some really crazy wheelchair sex with Cynthia, but he takes care of business. The twist in the tale is the guys he’s thrashing are actually robots. After beating the hell out of a real man, Kickwell finds out the bots are going for Cynthia. Kickwell makes his way back to the hospital to find Cynthia safe and sound but the bots have straight jacked the wheels off Cynthia’s wheelchair. You can do many things to Sam and Cynthia, but you can’t mess with their sex game. More revenge is afoot… and then another surprising reveal.

Amerikarate #6 Review

I know Dave, you love this damn book!

Yes! I have loved this book since issue #1. I need comic books like this in my life. Brockton McKinney and Corey Kalman’s dirty humor is my jam. The nods to the 80’s action films I grew up with are just the icing on the cake and believe me there are plenty in this issue including a nod to an 80’s sitcom child robot. Well played, guys, well played. As you can guess, I am still digging the scripting. The story is simple but the pair build up so much around it that more depth isn’t needed. This story is for action fans written by action fans, easy as that.

I was taken back by the art last issue because of Daniel Aruda Massa taking over the artwork. I got accustomed to Devin Roth’s art. But in Amerikarate #6, I have settled in with Aruda Massa’s art and I dig it more than I did in the previous issue. The art is colorful, cartoony, and I really like Massa’s shading in the panels. Plus sex in a wheelchair; need I say more?

Amerikarate #5 is a very entertaining story. It makes no excuses for what it is and this is what makes it exceptional. McKinney and Kalman have created this over-the-top world that I never want to leave. The characters, the humor, the nostalgia: I love it all! If you dig 80’s action and raunchy humor, and do not have Amerikarate on your pull list, then you are living your life all wrong.

Amerikarate #6 Review
Amerikarate #6 Review
Is it good?
Story is a lot of fun and full of humor!
Sex in a wheelchair!
The artwork is colorful, love the shading!
"Crotch Kisses and Death Wishes" The title of the issue is gold!
I have to wait another month for Issue 7

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