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Rick and Morty #30 Review

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Rick and Morty #30 Review

A Beth focused main story ends up being a surprisingly deep tale.

With Rick and Morty going on insane adventures it might leave you wondering what the more normal family members are up to day to day. For the most part we’ve seen Jerry and Summer go on some wild adventures, at least more so than Beth — this issue aims to give us a taste of her day to day.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

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Beth Smith is overworked, under-appreciated, and probably slightly drunk. But she still saves (horse) lives every day! That is, until her life is changed in one simple moment…

Why does this matter?

Kyle Starks has been writing excellent Rick and Morty comics that are both funny and sentimental. It’s also fitting that last Sunday’s episode was a Beth-focused adventure as this issue fleshes out her character further.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Rick and Morty #30 Review
Why does she put up with these jerks?

Benjamin Dewey takes over on art this issue and does well to capture the characters while also giving the visuals his own spin. That spin lives and dies by the coloring, which has a watercolor look that’s vibrant like the cartoon, but somehow washed in a bit of misery. That suits the story effectively since it’s all about Beth and a typical day for her. Well, maybe not so typical, as it involves a takeover of the veterinary clinic she works at and a tense moment held at gunpoint. Dewey nails the gory moments which further hammers home the humor and a monster pops in that’s deliciously weird. I won’t spoil it, but this scene requires the absolutely gross nature of Rick and Morty’s relationship mixed with the pathetic demeanor of Jerry.

Marc Ellerby draws the backup that’s four pages long, but heavily requires a visual gag to work. Ellerby somehow makes planetary coitus gross, weird, and sort of sexy all at once.

Starks writes both stories and overall does a bang up job. His backup story with has a funny twist that contains a lesson, but not the lesson you’re thinking of. It’s the kind of messed up outlook Rick brings to things that shows off his thinking, but Morty’s interpretation isn’t wrong either.

The main story focuses on Beth and fleshes out her character well. In the show, she seems to come off as prudish and annoyed which is understandable given Jerry’s milk toast behavior, but this issue hammers home how much she puts up within a day. Starks also reveals a side of her that we haven’t seen which involves her job saving animals. It not only makes sense but sort of casts her as a true hero compared to the somewhat evil nature of her father.

Rick and Morty #30 Review
Beth can be intense!

It can’t be perfect can it?

The main story focused on Beth doesn’t contain much humor, not until the end, as it’s one of those slow build sort of comedic takes that contains a lesson and a payoff at the end. That had me twiddling my thumbs a bit awaiting the joke to drop and I’m sure some folks will be miffed to not be laughing on every page. It’s a different sort of story, but given the nature of the show and how it takes chances in telling moral or ethical sort of tales, I don’t see why fans wouldn’t enjoy it.

Is It Good?

A surprisingly deep issue that reveals more about Beth than we’ve seen in the show. It comes with a hilarious ending that makes Beth more relatable than ever too. Plus, the backup has a nice message and visual gag that’s not to be missed.

Rick and Morty #30 Review
Rick and Morty #30
Is it good?
A strong story that's all about character in this somewhat less funny, but well worth a look issue.
Main story fleshes out Beth in surprising ways
Backup has a great visual joke
The main story looks good too with a different style of coloring that sets it apart
The main story doesn't contain the nonstop laughs you might have come to expect

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