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The Power of the Dark Crystal #7 Review

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The Power of the Dark Crystal #7 Review

Jen is in hot pursuit, rediscovering the world he’s ruled and neglected.

Complacency is the breeding ground for evil. The Power of the Dark Crystal #7 shines a mirror on Jen and Kira’s lack of interest as rulers of Thra. They have sat back disengaged from the people of Thra. Let’s call it what it is: napping. Napping for countless decades. I should be so lucky as to get an hour of extra sleep let alone several decades. In this issue Jen begins to see the fault of their complacency and how it has bred a group of followers that may even be construed as monstrous. Jen’s scouts are angry and want to attack Kensho as a traitor. Jen struggles to keep them in line and continual states that no harm should be brought to Kensho and Thurma.

While in pursuit of Kensho and Thurma, Jen and Kira have a beautiful dream-fasting sequence. The imagery is gorgeous. We see younger versions of Kira and Jen converse in a pastel world studded with time spiral excerpts. Both are subjected to incredible personal insight that awakens them to a new understanding of how they have ruled. I am frustrated that Jen has not taken a stronger stance by now but then again he has always been a kind hearted creature and I think this has become a fault.

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The Power of the Dark Crystal #7 Review

Interpreting lore is tricky business. Sometimes the obvious is not the true meaning. We have been reading along thinking this is the end of Thra or the Fireling worlds but perhaps it is not so literal. Could the prophecy mean this is the end of the old world and the old ways? Is this the end for the Mystics and the Skeksis? Is this the meaning of one world may end for the other to survive?

Jen and Kira’s complacency has led to a Crystalline eminence that rules over the people and monetizes the crystal’s healing powers. The evil of the Skeksis has only been replaced with another. The Skeksis were in your face, evil tyrants that literally sucked the life out of the Pod people. The Crystalline Eminence uses the crystal as his cover to extort Thra’s people and enslave them because of a lack of tribute for the crystal. Perhaps it is time for this old world of twisted crystal worship to die so that that a new world of a Gelfling and Fireling partnership may thrive and start anew.

I was a bit irked by the fact that no one is guarding the Skeksis. They are supposed to be this terrifying threat yet no one is down there to make sure they do not escape. I suppose you could argue that the Crystalline eminence could have ordered a guard away but with how powerful the Skeksis are you would think security would be tighter.

In summation, another terrific installment of the Dark Crystal series. Thurma and Kensho deepen their relationship as they continue their journey toward Thurma’s fiery land at Thra’s core. Honesty brings them closer together as they unfold their secrets. You can see the power of love when Tumby is in danger and Thurma protects him. Then in turn Tumby comes to Thurma’s aid. We see an innocence and goodness with this gang of three that has been missing from the rulers of the castle.

Did I like it? Spurrier and Johnson have us questioning the meaning of this new prophecy and wondering who will live to see its conclusion. Kudos to Mike Huddleston for a striking cover!

The Power of the Dark Crystal #7 Review
The Power of the Dark Crystal #7
Is it good?
Dream fasting scenes
Thurma takes a stand
Flipping perspectives & deciphering lore
Grow a back bone already Jen
Why is no one guarding the Skeksis?

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