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The best comic-related cosplay we saw at New York Comic Con 2017

The best Faith ever, Swamp Thing, Tank Girl, the Justice League (kinda) and more!

AiPT! attended New York Comic Con over the weekend and one of our biggest takeaways was the incredible amount of talented cosplayers in attendance. We took tons of pictures and met so many friendly cosplayers that were nice enough to let us feature their hard work. We’ve had to create three separate posts to ensure we could feature all the pictures we took. In this gallery our focus is to feature all the comic cosplayers we met. Enjoy!

We’re looking for a red guy who won’t shut up, a stoic guy and a dude who sucks at science

I may have told them Aunt May is a babe

50s Jean looks great! (soyourejm)


So much awesome. So much Saga

The Batman Who Laughs (Sirpreme79)

Best. Tank Girl. Ever. Marry me

And suddenly I’m 10 again watching Saturday morning cartoons

Crossplay, Emma Frost and a spot on Jubilee. X-men and babes. It’s win win!

Hahahaha I can’t wait for this movie

Two veeery different worlds

Faith! Best Faith ever! (@mrs_cashew)

This would actually be an awesome comic

Spawn movie can’t get here soon enough. How badass do these two look?

Arguably the best cosplay I saw all weekend. Without question the best Swamp Thing cosplay I’ve ever seen

Who wouldn’t want to be rescued by these two?

Anyone seen Luke? (Well not you Daredevil)

She took my art prints, my lanyard, my wallet and my dignity

Nick Derington loved this guy. Who can blame him?

Poor Hawkgirl was getting swarmed. She looked amazing though!

John Stewart would be so proud. I know I am

Back up pal. We’re trying to summon a demon, who also happens to be her father


Coming to a theater near you 12/21/18

Awwww. That kid is in for some s--t

Awww people do settle their differences

I loved you in All-Star Batman! (@hotaru_tamaki_cosplay)

If a photograph of you is featured here, please comment with your social media information and we’ll be happy to tag you.


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