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Medisin #5 Review

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Medisin #5 Review

The finale of the first arc of Medisin is near. Is it good?

Medisin has been a fun and unique story about the world of super villain healthcare. The finale of the first arc is near. The end of the last issue revealed to readers who Malady is behind the mask and it was a surprise to me. Afterwards, I thought to myself that I should have seen that coming, but I didn’t and it made me appreciate the big reveal even more. So what’s next for Ethan and the other doctors? Let us see!

Let the cat out of the bag, Dave! Who is Malady?

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At this point, it has been a few weeks. If you are reading Medisin, then you know who it is. If you are not reading this book *smacks your hand*, then you honestly shouldn’t be reading this review at all. I don’t want to dismiss anyone that has interest. There is only one issue left in the arc, the conclusion is evolving and major plot points are explained. So once again, final warning. If you have interest in reading Medisin, but haven’t gotten any of the issues OR read issue #4 just yet, go find a snack or something.

Anyway, you had your warning. At the end of Medisin #4, Malady is revealed to be none other than (last spoiler warning; read further at your own risk) Chizu!

Medisin #5 Review

I will now walk the thin line while discussing Medisin #5. Chizu and Ethan have quite a conversation covering everything from her motives, what she wants out of Ethan, and the fact she even knew Ethan’s grandfather. Chizu breaks down her method of madness step by step and it turned me off a little bit because she came across like a James Bond villain. Instead of just going after what she wants from Ethan, she tells him everything about her grand plan to make herself a godlike being, giving him time to plan his next move. However, things get intense towards the end and will definitely make for an exciting climax come the final issue of the arc next month.

So Dave, is it good?

Yes, I enjoyed Medisin #5 for the most part. As I mentioned, the only part that really bothered me was Chizu laying it all out for Ethan. There is a moment where it makes sense in what she is doing, but it still felt like the cliche villain theme, spilling her master plan when she should be more focused on achieving her goal. At the same time, Chizu has been with Ethan since the beginning and maybe her endgame doesn’t entail a doomed fate for Ethan.

Dyer’s characters are interesting because they aren’t your usual run of the mill villains/superheroes. He has also done an exceptional job of intertwining other characters into the narrative. We learn the fate of Sage’s testicles after an attack by baby mama, Polecat. Yes, you read that correct. Sage will probably have no choice but to keep it in his pants now. And Olivia’s story has taken a dangerous turn after her lover, Crimson Crow leaves her behind to fight for her life.

David Brame and Joaquin Pereyra continue to connect with their artwork. The art is still a little rough, but I have gotten used to it. It fits with the atmosphere of the story. It isn’t anything major that breaks the book, but is noticeable in a number of panels. The colors are beautiful and enhance some of the rough panels I mentioned.

Next month is the end of Medisin’s first arc. I highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to step outside the box and enjoy a different hero/villain story. The characters are what drive this book, proving that you don’t always need to fill a comic book with action. Good drama can carry a comic just as well. Medisin is definitely worth your time to pick up and read.

Medisin #5 Review
Medisin #5 Review
Is it good?
Interesting characters with depth
Drama does well in progressing the story
Colorful artwork
Malady goes from mysterious to Bond villain revealing too much of her big plan
Artwork is rough looking at parts

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