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Medisin #4 Review

Comic Books

Medisin #4 Review

The MEDICs are ready for war. The Lords of Discord have begun their assault.

I’m going to begin this review a little different. Instead of starting on the issue at hand, which is Medisin #4, I am going to talk about the comic overall. I don’t hear much being said about this comic book and I think that is a shame. I have read Medisin since the beginning and despite it having familiar tropes, it has been a fun read, and has original ideas. The book focuses on villain’s healthcare. In a time when we are focused on our own healthcare (in between nuclear war and the National Anthem), it is interesting to come across a comic book that deals with healthcare as the subject.

I do read and review a lot of comic books. I also support the ones that I enjoy with my own money. Medisin has been one of them. My point being in all of this is don’t overlook the smaller comic companies like Action Lab. They have talented artists and writers that create solid stories like Medisin. Don’t be afraid to try a lesser known title out, it may just surprise you.

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Now back to our regularly scheduled review.

Medisin #4 Review

Damn Dave! Let me put that soapbox away!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So Medisin #4 continues what has been an exciting story so far. In the last issue we were left with a shocker as Malady killed an innocent child in efforts to persuade the doctor that had betrayed him to step forward. Ethan has learned more about his grandfather and his inheritance of the First Power. A power that gifts the user of rapid thought the essence of rationality. It made Ethan’s grandfather one of the toughest villains and Ethan too has the ability to achieve the same status. That is all I am going to say about our friend Ethan. To go into how he learns this and from who is a spoiler I won’t even touch on at the moment. And this includes the truth behind his grandfather’s demise.

But don’t fret, there are many other stories happening in the dark world of villain healthcare. The feisty, pregnant Polecat gets her revenge on the doctor that impregnated her, but continued sleeping around with other women. Dr. Scribling and the Crimson Crow deal with their inappropriate relationship. And to top it all off, there is a shocking reveal at the end of the issue! I really didn’t see this coming. Well played, Jeff Dyer. Well played, indeed.

Medisin #4 Review


We get it Dave, the book is good.

Yes! There was a couple of months break between issues but the story picked up and flowed. There wasn’t any lull diving back into the dark world of villainy medicine. Dyer has a lot going on here, but it all taps the right vein (poor pun intended). Medisin is like an evil General Hospital with a pulse. And don’t let that description turn you off. I say General Hospital because Medisin is full of drama as well. These doctors have ruined their careers and even though they have been given a second chance, some can’t leave their demons from the past behind.

David Brame and Joaquin Pereyra land the one-two punch with their artwork. The art, like the story, is gritty, but some of it looks a little rough around the edges. The colors are vivid, but when it comes to the flashbacks, they are more muted and lends to the narrative. I’m telling you, if you haven’t read any of Medisin, you need to jump on it! The countdown to the conclusion is on. The MEDICs are ready for war. The Lords of Discord have begun their assault. The biggest question is, will you be reading the next issue? I sure as hell will be!

Medisin #4 Review
Medisin #4
Is it good?
The countdown to the conclusion is on. The MEDICs are ready for war. The Lords of Discord have begun their assault. The biggest question is, will you be reading the next issue? I sure as hell will be!
Subplots involving minor characters are strong
Interesting story with intriguing characters
That last page reveal
Art looks a little rough at moments

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