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Suicide Squad #27 Review

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Suicide Squad #27 Review

Another solid issue, but deja vu is setting in.

A new beginning for the Suicide Squad starts here in “The Secret History of Task Force X” part 1. Suicide Squad #27 tackles the most interesting untold part of the Suicide Squad very discreetly but also at a reasonable pace that takes its time building up to a story that most certainly seems like it’s headed in the right direction.

Almost every start of a new chapter of Suicide Squad always begins with a very brief reintroduction and roll call for the group, which isn’t ever needed, but is usually fun and entertaining. Something about this very minor touch seems to be one of the key elements to a Suicide Squad story, making it stand out from other comics. Suicide Squad is one of the few series that always stays consistently interesting every issue. This new approach is wonderful and I’m baffled that this particular direction wasn’t tackled sooner. The book from start to finish never drops the ball or loses interest and every character serves their purpose and each of them command your attention.

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The members making up the Suicide Squad are the same as always with the exception of El Diablo, who sort of jumps into a story when he needs to look good at getting beaten up. I’m interested to see if he’ll even be a part of this story at all by the next issue, which is a shame because he’s such a great character to have on the team. With El Diablo being a fan favorite in the Suicide Squad film, I’m surprised he isn’t a bigger part in the Rebirth series. That being said, the star of this issue starting from page one is Captain Boomerang. I often feel that Captain Boomerang can’t get any better, but it looks like I’m proven wrong yet again. Just about every piece of dialogue that’s written for Boomerang is pure gold and hysterical.

Suicide Squad #27 Review

The story itself is once again written very well by Rob Williams but in a very different way than we’re used to. It’s a very calm and mysterious approach that immediately pulls you in. This issue feels like a fresh new beginning more than previous issues for many reasons. For starters, Katana becomes the new leader of the Suicide Squad which is the logical person to put in charge. And the rest of the issue was a tease for what seems like Suicide Squad‘s biggest event yet: the reveal of the original members of the Suicide Squad led by Rick Flag’s father. It’s very different then what we’re used to seeing from these books so it’ll be interesting to see where it goes from here.

The art was great at times, but not always. Some of the characters’ faces didn’t resemble the characters at all. Deadshot is an example where he looks fantastic in the suit and it’s heavily and beautifully detailed but when he’s out of the suit he doesn’t look like the same person. He looks 50 pounds lighter and more like the janitor than Deadshot.

This is a great starting issue to something exciting we haven’t seen before. Although this issue is very strong I feel like it’s as good as the rest of the series. Every issue is pretty great, but I think it’s because they’re all pretty much the same. No matter how many times you watch Star Wars you’re still going to love it, but if every movie that came out was the same movie with some very minor adjustments to the story, you’d become bored. That’s the problem with Suicide Squad. Deadshot missed his daughter, Croc and Moon are dating, Harley misses Flag, Boomerang is hilarious but also a coward. The plot might change but I feel like I’m reading the same issue every other week.

Suicide Squad #27
Is it good?
Another solid issue, but deja vu is setting in.
Captain Boomerang was fun and had the most enjoyable dialogue. I'd really like to see more action out of him but I think he's a great part of this series and I hope he doesn't go anywhere anytime soon.
Katana becoming the leader of the Suicide Squad is long overdue and it's be exciting to see how she'll develop as a leader and not just the muscle.
The reveal of the original Suicide Squad was an interesting direction and it's something we haven't seen before. Really can't wait to see the collaboration of the two teams.
A lot of the art failed when it came to some characters faces and body structures. Although most of it was great they weren't recognizable at times.
Every issue seems to orbit the same formula, only changing the plot a bit. It's gotten very repetitive.

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