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The Official DC Super Hero Joke Book features dad jokes galore

If you like eye-roll inducing humor, this may be for you.

Are you ready for over 600 jokes starring your favorite DC heroes? Well look no further! Within the pages of the Official Joke Book you’ll find everyone from Superman to Eclipso. Clocking in at 175 pages, you’re sure to find something that tickles your funny bone.

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The book is bright and colorful, very much geared towards the younger crowd — definitely the elementary level. It’s set up in a nonsensical order so if you’re looking for a particular super hero joke you’ll have to search the whole thing. The lettering, word clouds and backgrounds scream “COMIC” so you won’t mistake this for any other format. It’s very busy as well — you’re going to find at least 2-3 jokes per page and you’ll only find constant character pages woven into the batches, seemingly at random.

As for the jokes, there may be an eye roll or two and maybe even a small chuckle on the adult side of things. Sitting at the kitchen table reading some of these to my 9 year old was almost a challenge. He knows all of the more well-known characters so I got a few giggles out of him but when we got to Gigantra, Mera, Zatanna, and Red Tornado he got a bit confused. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they’re adding everyone they can but if they gear this towards adults it won’t really be funny and if it’s geared towards the younger crowd they won’t understand the characters.

On the positive side it is FULL of jokes so you’re bound to find at least one that works for you. I hate to say it but all the ones I found funny were about Aquaman. Poor Aquaman. It is also apparent that the “dad joke” is alive and well throughout the book and like I said before, if you like a good eye roll you’ll definitely find something of value.

Overall, it’s not great but it serves its purpose. You’ll find some humor in it but there should really be a bit more organization and maybe a limit on what characters used. Very basic jokes but the style is consistent throughout.

Is it good?
You’ll find some humor in it but there should really be a bit more organization.
Tons of jokes!
Colorful and engaging
Dad jokes (if you're into that)
Geared toward the younger crowd, but references will be easily lost
Feels thrown together
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