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Copperhead #15 Review

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Copperhead #15 Review

The story set up here may finally make things in Copperhead interesting again.

Last issue, Sheriff Bronson was about to be reunited with her ex, who is not exactly a nice person. I’m guessing this won’t go smoothly, but you never know.

First Read Reactions

  • Yeah, not smooth at all.
  • Oh yeah, I’d forgotten the whole plot about finding the mayor’s assassin–or that Claire killed her.
  • …and Claire’s vanished.
  • Acting Mayor Boo and Lt. Ford isn’t exactly a detective dream team, but it’s all we’ve got right now.
  • I know the people of Copperhead are supposed to seem like jerks for not helping, but who would really want to get in a fight between Bronson, a badass mercenary, and two armed criminals?
  • Poor Zeke. He’s going to figure out his mom is missing eventually.
  • Someone should tell Boo that asking for help is not the best time to be a bigot.
  • I’m not sure what looks more ridiculous: Boo attempting to deal with a bureaucratic nightmare or Lt. Ford wearing the Copperhead Sheriff armor.
  • Discount Boss Hog is evil and has evil plans for Copperhead. Imagine that.
  • Um…oh snap?

The Verdict

Well, at least the series is starting to get interesting again. After an interminably long build up, the confrontation between Clara and her ex has resulted in a genuinely intriguing mystery.

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Unfortunately, the rest of the issue is kind of ‘meh.’ Boo’s confrontation with Artie goes pretty much the way you’d expect, Discount Boss Hog (I forget his real name) has evil plans, Lt. Ford is still insufferable,  and there’s a twist involving Clara’s family that would mean a lot more if the involved character was someone we were more familiar with.

On the plus side, Boo and Ford add another member to their search team that could make things a lot more interesting, though. Also, artist Drew Moss appears to be hitting his stride. Despite the lack of action after the opening scene, this might be the best looking issue he’s drawn so far.

Copperhead #15 Review

I’m still not ready to move Copperhead back into my ‘Favorite Series’ group,’ but at least it’s finally starting to climb back up from the basement. Boo and Ford haven’t been enjoyable characters to read lately, but their shared goal of finding Clara (and the addition to their team that I won’t spoil here) shows flashes of a dynamic that might fix that.

Let’s hope that the search for Copperhead’s sheriff keeps things going in the right direction.


Copperhead #15 Review
Copperhead #15
Is it good?
The issue is kind of meh, but the story it sets up may finally make things in Copperhead interesting again.
Artist Drew Moss appears to have hit his stride. Despite a lack of action, the issue looks gorgeous.
The story manages to put two unlikable characters in a situation that makes you actually want to read about them.
Aside from the opening action sequence, everything that happens until the last page feels predictable.
Speaking of the last page, the issue's big twist doesn't feel nearly as big as the narrative wants it to be.

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