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The Mighty Thor #701 Review

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The Mighty Thor #701 Review

A battle for the ages!

Thor #700 was an incredible achievement that was not only extra sized, but jam-packed with art from a plethora of artists. Jason Aaron has been writing poetry with this series — and he’s playing the long game. You can’t help but notice things he’s inserting that can reference moments from years ago. It’s excellent stuff and this long run is going to go down in the record books.

So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

Mangog, a terrible force of nature (practically) is coming and he’s out to kill hammer-wielding gods. If you ever wanted to know more about this beast, this issue is for you because Aaron tells all via epic captions. Plus, James Harren is the guest artist. Nuff said!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

The Mighty Thor #701 Review
I would run for my life.

If you ever had any affinity for Volstagg, be ready to feel his pain greatly. Mangog and War Thor fight the entirety of this issue save for a quick cut to Hel, and another in Vanaheim that are brutal. As War Thor musters extra strength and resolve, Mangog beats him down again and again and Aaron writes beautiful captions to back up how Mangog is so powerful. Within these captions is a tale of old that’s about revenge and rage. Mangog is an interesting character because he’s so tightly tied to Asgard and Odin himself. It’s interesting timing to learn about the awful things Odin has done in the past to help create this beast since that’s a major element of the recent film. Be that as it may, in a medium where villains seem to be impossible to kill and impossibly strong Aaron backs up those claims with well crafted backstory.

And the scene in Hel goes along with this battle. That’s because a general feeling of hopelessness is dawning in this story. Mangog is too powerful and the heroes face an uphill battle. In Hel things are getting worse too. There’s real change occurring and the worlds as we know them may change with it.

The art by Harren is excellent and Dave Stewart’s colors back them up beautifully. There’s a sketchy style that reminds me of a more indie sort of book and that suits this epic battle since it feels storied and something to be remembered. When bones are broken and War Thor is battered Harren does a great job capturing the heroic nature of the hero. He will not stop even if he’s defeated. It’s also a bit brutal. Mangog is a funny looking character and it screams Jack Kirby in its design.

The Mighty Thor #701 Review
The panel of the hammer coming to War Thor is so cool and only a minor part of the page.

It can’t be perfect can it?

If not for the excellent captions I’d say this is an action-only epic so it might turn some folks off. That said, the captions keep you invested in the battle as we learn more about Mangog. The action is rather brutal though so it may not be for young readers!

Is It Good?

Mangog is made more interesting as he’s a brutal force of nature that ramps up the threat to Thor and Asgardians to 11. The art is pure spectacle and the action furious.

The Mighty Thor #701 Review
The Mighty Thor #701
Is it good?
Big action is backed up with epic backstory/captions.
Big time action with epic captions to bring Mangog into focus and to take him seriously
The art is great with fantastic colors bringing the brutal battle to life
The sense of hopelessness for our heroes is very real
May be too brutal for the younglings

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