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The Demon: Hell is Earth #2 Review

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The Demon: Hell is Earth #2 Review

Etrigan the demon gets to shine in this second issue.

Etrigan is back, baby, and he’s a little bit different this time around. Jason Blood is still connected to him, but in a whole new way. Oh, and hell is rising. No big deal.

So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

After talking to Andrew Constant and Brad Walker it’s quite clear their take on this character, and their approach to comics in general, makes this a must read book for most. It has a more adult edge to it, but also they’ve flipped the script on The Demon, making for a new sort of tale.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

The Demon: Hell is Earth #2 Review
I’m getting some Arrival vibes.

This issue opens with some Arrival style drama as men in hazmat suits approach a mysterious dome in the middle of the desert. Just as we discover a little bit about its properties, Constant and Walker cut to inside the dome where Etrigan is toying with the ability to destroy Jason Blood. These two have been connected for so many years and yet Etrigan still wants to be rid of him. In a stroke of genius, Constant and Walker have made Jason the spirit that haunts now corporeal Etrigan. This is played up well as Jason torments the demon with a clever bit of manipulation via happy thoughts.

Much of this issue focuses on Jason and Etrigan coming to an agreement on who steers the ship (they’re still connected after all) and a little trip to a hellish bar. It appears they’re still above Hell, but everything under the dome is turned into a hell version of itself. That includes the harassment men who were bothering Xanadu. This leads to some fun action sequences pitting Etrigan against human characters turned demons. Oh, and Constant drops some fun rhyming dialogue from Etrigan fans of the character won’t want to miss.

Walker is drawing some of his best work ever. Etrigan looks fantastic and the inks are on point from Andrew Hennessy. The bits of fire are quite cool and the hellish version of the bar is fantastic. Sharp eyed readers will note it’s drawn via a similar angle as the last issue, but now in an almost haunted sort of way. There’s some excellent use of framing too, like Etrigan throwing some giant bull demons right at the reader and a wicked final page that’s about as metal as you can get.

The Demon: Hell is Earth #2 Review
Does he like what?

It can’t be perfect can it?

Aside from a brief scene with the main villain in the opening of this book there’s little in the way of progressing the plot in regards to the bigger picture. This issue focuses more on Etrigan and Jason getting their bearings and pulling Xanadu into the story. That isn’t a huge problem since the dynamic between Jason and Etrigan is so ripe for exploring, but it does slow the plot progression down.

Is It Good?

Some of the coolest Etrigan the Demon comics in some time. The concept at play here is not only cool, but breathes new life into the character. Meanwhile, that same character breathes a hell of a lot of fire and is depicted in some pretty badass fight sequences.

The Demon: Hell is Earth #2 Review
The Demon: Hell is Earth #2
Is it good?
Solid Etrigan action and character work.
Awesome art with plenty of fire and demons on the page
The Jason inside Etrigan element is interesting
Great rhyming from Etrigan
The plot sort of stops so as to focus on Etrigan and Jason

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