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Despicable Deadpool #291 Review

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Despicable Deadpool #291 Review

You can only pull the wool over Stryfe’s eyes for so long. Sorry, “eye.”

In Despicable Deadpool #291, Deadpool has successfully killed Cable and delivers the proof to Stryfe. Or is he just setting Stryfe up … for Cable?! Or has future Stryfe already won by cutting DP off at the emotional pass? Time travel is weird. But is it good?

The Skinny

Stryfe’s got a list, and he’s got to check Cable twice, just to make sure Deadpool isn’t hornswoggling him. The proof is in the pudding, but present-day Cable is looking to eat up his evil clone when he least suspects it.

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But Stryfe has plans within plans, and his future fail-safe calls Deadpool in time to make sure Cable is a non-factor. Bosom buddies … NO MORE?!

It’s another non-win for your favorite, neighborhood ‘Pool guy, but two creepy reveals later and we’re setting up what could be an even more emotional story. You always trust Captain America, right? Except when he’s evil — then he has to pay.

Despicable Deadpool #291 Review

The Lowdown

Man, even the recap page of Despicable Deadpool #291 is wittier than most other comics.

Nevertheless, this issue still can’t reach the heights of the previous installment, but not many things could. Most of the book is taken up by a knock-down-drag-out between DP and My Two Summers Sons, which is a nice change of pace after the quieter, more talky #290, but it doesn’t play to artist Scott Koblish’s strengths as well. He does grit better than bombast, although colorist Nick Filardi still manages to tie it all together.

Despicable Deadpool #291’s near-nonstop action doesn’t allow much room for Gerry Duggan’s slick dialogue, either, but the twist that saves Stryfe’s bacon is well-plotted and consistent with the timey-wimey scenarios he’s already set up. Of course the issue has to end with the moroseness of a typical Deadpool story, as the Merc experiences another defeat-tinged victory. It will be interesting to see how the creative team handles his next confrontation with Evil Steve Rogers. That’s one Wade definitely SHOULD win, given the emotional stakes, but it may not be in the cards if there are still more plans for that character.

Despicable Deadpool #291 Review

The Upshot

It was always going to be hard topping the issue in which Deadpool actually kills Cable, but Despicable Deadpool #291 does its best, and appropriately switches the pace and hits the reader with a big fight to end the arc. Unfortunately, that doesn’t allow for a lot of the nuance that makes the best of Duggan’s work on the character shine as brightly as it does. It’s still a fine comic, with several jokes that will literally make you exclaim, but it’s also kind of a stepping stone between the drama of #290 and the assured heartache to immediately follow.

Despicable Deadpool #291 Review
Despicable Deadpool #291
Is it good?
It's not the best thing Duggan's ever written, but the story dictated this issue be a little "bigger" than the quieter moments in which he excels. Still a fine book, by any measure.
Story is tied up in typical Deadpool fashion, with a not-so-winning win
Stryfe pulls a nice end-around
An amazing Bruce Timm joke
Big action is not Koblish's specialty
Not as much room for Duggan's dialogue in the big fight

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