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Port of Earth #3 Review

Once again Kaplan shines with the political drama in the story.

Water makes up roughly 71% of the Earth’s surface. What do you imagine would happen if we gained the ability to turn that water into pure energy? Would our economy thrive? Who would be the most beneficial of our newly found discovery? Water turned into energy would be a major game changer. Zack Kaplan explores this concept in his latest title, Port of Earth. The first two issues have been entertaining reads; I’ve enjoyed the political points of the story more than the actual action! Port of Earth #3 is out this week — let’s see if Kaplan keeps the water running.

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What’s going on in this issue?

Port of Earth #3 begins the same as #2. The director of the ESA (Earth Security Agency) Tom Rutgers is being interviewed on TV about the deal the United States made with aliens for their technology that turns water into energy. The focal point being the impacts on the economy since the introduction of the technology. Oil, natural gas, and coal are now struggling markets. Water is king and there are new companies capitalizing on the growth. Millions are out of work, and the people want the aliens gone for good.

Only a sith deals in absolutes!

Meanwhile, two ESA agents, Mac and Rice, are still hot on the trail of an alien they rubbed elbows with who escaped from the Port. The ESA is closing in on the alien, and they have advised for the citizens to stay in their homes as they conduct their search. But there’s nothing to be worried about! Typical government at work. It seems the alien has made its way to H2O Technologies, and now the situation has become personal because Rice’s girlfriend is there aiding citizens.

So Dave, is it good?

Yes, it’s damn good. Once again Kaplan shines with the political drama in the story. I like how Kaplan displays that the government will sell out whoever they need to if it benefits them. The people are struggling, they have lost their jobs, they are not in a good place. I am anxious to see if an uprising is in the cards soon.

I have complained about the simplicity of Mac and Rice. The past two issues, they have been your basic cookie cutter law enforcement officers. However, in this issue, Kaplan dives a little into Rice’s past. Mac is still gung-ho and wants to take the alien down. His interest lies in humanity, and will do what he needs to protect the people from the alien. I did find myself liking the pair more, so that’s a plus.

Money changing hands here. Nothing to see. I said there’s nothing to see!

Artistically the book stays consistent. Andrea Mutti’s artwork gives me that 80s sci-fi vibe; I see the scenery and immediately think Old Detroit from Robocop. It has that feel to it. The line work for the characters make them look rugged and a little worn. This isn’t their first rodeo and they are prepared to do battle. Vladimir Popov’s colors are a perfect match to Mutti’s art. The colors are dreary and set the mood for the story. The people are losing their livelihood and possible future to this new technology. There is nothing attractive about it and Popov’s colors prove it.

When you hit up your shop this week, snag Port of Earth #3. Hell, grab the other two if you don’t have them. I have a financial background, so the possible economics of the story appeals to me. But there is action too! The ESA agents are closing in on the alien. Why has the alien escaped? Is he luring Rice and Mac into a trap? Gotta keep reading to find out! Bring on Port of Earth #4!

Is it good?
When you hit up your shop this week, snag Port of Earth #3. Hell, grab the other two if you don't have them.
Intriguing story that keeps you entertained
Artwork captures the tone of the story perfectly
I'm starting to like Rice and Mac more
Alien stays hidden for the most part in this issue. I wanted to see more of him. just me being selfish.
Having to wait for issue #4

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