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Star Wars #42 Review

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Star Wars #42 Review

Luke, Leia, and Han prepare to take on a gaint Empire weapon. So what else is new?!

The current story arc in Star Wars is called “The Ashes of Jedha” and if that doesn’t get you excited I don’t know what will. Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, and the droids are all on Jedha reflecting on the great Rebel loss and thinking of ways to rebound against Empire. It’s an interesting development and sure to spark the interest of even casual fans, but is it good?

So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca have done a lot already in the first four parts and are bound to scratch our Star Wars itch even more here. Plus, the stakes are raised quite high as the Rebels must face off against a behemoth vehicle (some luck eh?) that requires sneaking and massive losses.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Star Wars #42 Review
I never thought I’d see these two in a scene together.

This issue has a darkest before the dawn feel as the heroes plan a strategy to take out a giant mining vehicle and make it out alive. Gillen utilizes Han, Leia, and Luke in admirable fashion, giving each a moment to shine or at the very least say something that has purpose. In a key scene for example, Luke reflects on the loss of the Rebels from Rogue One and how their sacrifice allowed him to have the opportunity to take that shot on the Death Star. Gillen continues to pull at this thread of Rebel losses for the greater good of future generations. It’s nice to see Rebels aren’t just cannon fodder but real people.

The plan outlined is quite good and allows Gillen and Larroca to split apart the characters and pace out the story well. Luke and Leia are going covert and sneaking about while Han and Chewie punch the Empire and their goons in the mouth. This issue primes the reader for what could be an excellent climactic issue so in all respects it succeeds as a penultimate issue.

Salvador Larroca draws some pretty vehicles and backgrounds. Seriously, can we just have him draw an entire issue of Star Wars ships and planets? There’s also some jaw droppingly good Luke, Leia, and Han renditions with photorealistic looks too.

Star Wars #42 Review
Hmmm, interesting.

It can’t be perfect can it?

It’s unfortunate when the faces are way off, however, which happens more than once this issue. Take for instance a scene with Han blasting up in an (almost) full page spread. You know it’s him from the clothes, but his face just isn’t quite right. Leia can go in and out of looking perfect too. I suppose one could call it a win that Luke looks spot on for the entirety of this issue.

Aside from an interesting conversation about the Rogue One crew this issue is nearly all set up. There was an opportunity to make Leia and Luke’s sneaking entertaining, but unfortunately it’s blocked in a way where it’s over and no real danger appears present. Han gets to blast a bit, but his goal isn’t quite clear in the scene. I’ll be ready and waiting for the conclusion to this story arc, but this issue suffers as being a set up issue.

Is It Good?

This issue gets the key players in place for a truly epic finale. Unfortunately that means a little less exciting as we await that issue.

Star Wars #42 Review
Star Wars #42
Is it good?
A great set up issue falls a bit flat as it mostly does just that.
Some solid photorealistic art of Luke, Leia, and Han
Gets all the characters in the right place for the big finish
Interesting how Rogue One characters are tied into the narrative
Sometimes these faces look way off
It's all set up for the finale, which can make this less interesting

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