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Transformers: Lost Light #14 Review

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Transformers: Lost Light #14 Review

Issue 14 of Lost Light gives the spotlight to the Scavengers, the most ragtag of writer James Roberts’ ragtag creations

One of James Roberts’ most impressive achievements in More Than Meets The Eye has been creating 3 different groups of Transformers who are interesting and make you interested in them for different reasons. Issue 14 of Lost Light gives the spotlight to the Scavengers, the most ragtag of Roberts’ ragtag creations.

This issue picks up from where we left off last issue, with the Scavengers when they were rescued from the middle of a battle in return for doing a job. It goes as well as you would expect any task involving the Scavengers would go. I love how the group reacts to the revelation about Nickel’s past, and how she is proud of her time in the DJD. The Scavengers have always been the most devil may care and humorous of the groups that James Roberts has created and that doesn’t change much here. Story wise, this issue brings together a lot of loose strands and answers a lot of questions. Questions from as far back as Issue 7 of MTMTE (which was about 5 years ago) are starting to get answers. The Scavengers’ whole story arc starts to play into the general narrative and it really feels that the stories set up throughout MTMTE and Lost Light are all heading towards a conclusion. In that way this issue is very important for helping us get to the story’s conclusion.

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Transformers: Lost Light #14 Review

Roberts deserves credit because while this issue is a little heavy on the exposition, it’s also really fun and enjoyable. The sense of humor and pathos that defines the Scavengers is still present and having Nickel in the group helps with the exposition. So does the presence of Scorponok, who appears to have a large part to play in the overarching storyline. I love the use of the early flashback to tell Scorponok’s story and explain how we got here. My only negative is that the ending feels shocking but also rings false due to the solicitations on the next page. My reactions on first reading were ones of shock but also immediate suspicion, although we will know more in the next issue. Compare that to the ending of the last issue, where the change in story direction actually helped keep the mystique of the twist ending.

This book is Sara Pitre-Durocher’s Lost Light debut, but thanks to her experience in the IDW Transformers comics (especially the recently cancelled ‘Til All Are One) she’s a perfect fit. She and Brendan Cahill share the art duties and the art is strong in this issue. Both artists know how to draw Transformers and convey emotions through facial expressions and body language. The action sequences are dynamic and work well the final scene is a really strong visual to end on.

Transformers: Lost Light #14 Review
Is it good?
This issue starts to answer some of the oldest questions in Lost Light as all the plot lines now seem to be slowly coming together. This issue does it with the series trademark humour and pathos, as we get to enjoy the Scavengers once again. My main negative is that the last page feels like the start of a bait and switch which seems to be ruined by the solicitations for the next issue.
Classic Lost Light humour and character building.
A lot of the mysteries surrounding the Scavengers adventures start to become clear.
The issue can be seen as a bit heavy on exposition

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