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Bruce Lee: The Walk of the Dragon #1 Review

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Bruce Lee: The Walk of the Dragon #1 Review

Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris, who ya got?!

Back in 2016, I was a fan of the Bruce Lee comic by Darby Pop as it had an all-ages story that kept the Bruce Lee spirit alive. Like a good Saturday morning cartoon, the comic has a simple enough plot with kid sidekicks and a fun premise: Bruce Lee never died and instead was frozen in time. He has escaped, and the world is much different place. It’s a fish out of water story that gets a special one-shot issue March 28th.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

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Philosopher/teacher/real-life superhero Bruce Lee is back. And, let’s be honest, the world needs him now more than ever. Taking a brief respite from battling an otherworldly evil, Bruce attempts to navigate modern-day Southern California despite still suffering from amnesia and having been “out of the loop” for over 45 years. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a simple “lunch run” soon turns into a comedy of errors involving mistaken identity, a Film Festival, and the pokey. And despite never being one to initiate fisticuffs, Bruce continues to find it difficult to both hide his martial arts skills… and keep his shirt on.

Why does this matter?

As a one-shot, it’s going to be an easy book for anyone to pick up and read. If you love Bruce Lee you’re going to want to read it as it’s all an ode to the greatest martial artist who ever lived. Plus, Chuck Norris (sort of) makes an appearance!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Bruce Lee: The Walk of the Dragon #1 Review
A quick recap of how we got here.

Nicole Dubuc takes over writing duties in this fun done in one story. In this issue, Bruce Lee gets hungry and goes looking for some takeout only to stumble on a purse snatcher, get involved in some cosplay, and take on Chuck Norris in the process. If you enjoyed the previous series you’ll dig this. Fun references to Bruce Lee can be had, the fighting is fun, and references to Lee’s confusion with the new modern world are entertaining. It’s definitely a read for younger people, but Bruce Lee fanatics will dig it too.

New readers should have an easy time jumping on board. Dubuc establishes the premise, has each of the main characters pop in for a bit, and writes a solid fish out of water story. This one-shot reads like Darby Pop wants to remind us how fun and fresh the story is for a possible second series and it accomplishes that well.

Brandon McKinney is back on art and he keeps the slightly cartoony look sharp and impactful. Action scenes have a unique flair, like Lee’s fist almost vibrating into someone’s face, that is exciting.

It can’t be perfect can it?

It’s a rather simple story, but again it’s for all ages. The fact that Lee runs into a purse snatcher and all the rest occurs by happenstance is unbelievable, but this is a comic about one of the greatest kung-fu actors of all time still being alive. Just go with it.

Is It Good?

A fun done in one story that reminds us how fresh and fun the Bruce Lee comic can be.

Bruce Lee: The Walk of the Dragon #1 Review
Bruce Lee: The Walk of the Dragon #1
Is it good?
A fun done in one for all ages.
A fun all-ages adventure
The art has a cartoony feel that works well with the story
It's a pretty basic tale, not unlike something you'd see on Saturday morning

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