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The boyhood dream: A look back at the best commentator calls in WrestleMania history

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The boyhood dream: A look back at the best commentator calls in WrestleMania history

WrestleMania Moments are not exclusive to the WWE competitors.

WrestleMania Moments are not exclusive to WWE competitors. Musicians, celebrities, and even U.S Presidents have all had been a part of lasting memories from the biggest wrestling event of the year. However, some of the biggest moments were not the ones fans saw but the ones they heard. Here are some of the most memorable calls in WrestleMania history.

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Jim Ross

If Shawn Michaels is Mr. WrestleMania, then Good Ol JR is Mr. WrestelMania II. JR has had some great moments on the WWE’s biggest stage, but two stand out. When Stone Cold Steve Austin won the WWF Title at WrestleMania XIV to begin the Austin Era and kick the Attitude Era into overdrive, JR was there with a call that became an instant soundbite. In the words of the iconic Jim Ross, “The Austin Era has begun!”

JR was also there for the end of the Attitude Era. Ironically, it was Austin winning the WWF Title again, but this time the circumstances were different — Stone Cold was “shaking hands with satan himself!” JR’s passionate calls have become a part of WrestleMania history.

Vince McMahon

Before he became widely known as the evil megalomaniac head of the WWF, Vince was known as over the top WHATAMANEUVER! announcer. Mr. McMahon the character is far more entertaining the Vince McMahon the commentator, however both have their WrestleMania Moments. At WrestleMania XII, before the real life heat and Montreal Screwjob, Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart had a 60 Minute Iron Man Match for the WWF Title. After over an hour, HBK won his first World Title and Vince gave fans a call for the ages. “The boyhood dream has come true for Shawn Michaels!”

Michael Cole

Unless reciting record breaking calls count, Maggle does not have the most impressive WrestleMania resume. In 2015, when Seth Rollins made arguably the greatest Money in the Bank cash in ever, Cole was there with the prefect call for a great moment, cementing Rollins’s historic cash-in as the “heist of the century!”

Bobby Heenan

This is something of a cheat, but it just doesn’t seem right to leave “The Brain” off of a “Best of” list involving announcers. Bobby has WrestleMania Moments as manager. (Who can forget the sight of him of crying on Andre’s shoulder at the end of WrestleMania III?) As an announcer, Bobby  has some funny Mania calls , but he is remembered most for the time he rode on top of a camel backwards at WrestleMania IX

Jesse Ventura

As the WWF’s first full time heel commentator, Ventura already holds a special place in wrestling history. His partnership with Gorilla Monsoon is legendary and the pair called the five of the first six WrestleManias. Of course, Jesse would cheer on the heels and heckle the faces, but what made him different was his arguments would be based on facts. Still, Jesse’s most (in)famous WrestleMania Moment may be this one, as he interviewed the now-President of the United States:

Paul Heyman

WrestleMania X-Seven is one of the greatest of all time and is notable for many reasons, including being the only one that Paul E. has called. The Steve Austin heel turn did not turn out quite as well as Austin and the WWE would have liked, but while JR lamented why his friend would join his most hated enemy, Paul E explained the two month angle in one memorable line: “Stone Cold Steve Austin has sold his soul for the WWF Title!”

Jerry Lawler

The King was a staple of the Attitude Era and his pairing with JR was one of the best in wrestling history. He also had two lengthy runs commentating on The Grandest Stage of All, from 1994-2000 and again from 2002-2015. Yet despite this, he has very few memorable moments. King was always quick with a comeback and sometimes seemed to place greater importance on getting over a joke than a match. In 2014, King did not tell  jokes and just enjoyed this moment like a fan when Daniel Bryan finally overcame the Authority, on a night that in the words of Lawler, “WrestleMania has become YESleMania!”

Gorilla Monsoon

Gorilla has the most famous call in WrestleMania history. No not the time he went on an odd anti immigrant rant in the awful match between the Bushwhackers and the Fabulous Rougeaus at WrestleMania V. His Moment came a few years before at the biggest match in wrestling history. No true WrestleMania promo package can be put together without this.

WrestleMania truly is The Showcase of the Immortals and the biggest moments will be remembered fondly forever. Obviously, it is the wrestlers and stars that the fans want to see, but what they hear can be just as amazing and memorable.

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