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Anime Boston: Best of Cosplay Day 1

Anime Boston is overflowing with awesome cosplayers.

AiPT! is at Anime Boston this weekend and you know what that means: cosplay! Lots and lots of cosplay. We took tons and tons of photographs and unfortunately we don’t have the time or space to feature them all. So enjoy a few of our favorites from day 1 of Anime Boston.

(If you’re in any of the following images and want to add your contact/social media information, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to add accordingly.)

Reddit user technicolortraveler

As a Magic: the Gathering player this picture needed to be first. Not only is this impressive from a crafting standpoint, but the sheer cost of the cards on this cosplayers body is staggering.

Look lady I don’t even know what a scissor blade is!

Annnnnd now all I want to do is play Final Fantasy. These guys were hilarious, played the characters and their costumes were fantastic.


Fixing cars and breaking hearts.


The arms and chest really lit up. He spent hundreds of hours on this cosplay and it shows. Just wow.


Tatsumaki isn’t impressed. Unless you’re an S-Class hero, move along.


These two were trying to rob the joint but kept arguing about the best way to get back to Jukertown.


No I don’t know where Kakarot is. Yes my power level is pitifully low.


Maniacal laughter followed by a flurry of throwing stars, followed by maniacal laughter.

Collecting dragonballs and offering cash for the location of any Krillin cosplayers.

Mari @princeofcatscosplay
Yoshiko @mikaniano
Ruby @rubydesuwa
Chika @booksywriter_cosplay

I tried to hire them to be my personal cheer squad at the Marvel vs Capcom tournament. I was not successful.


Possibly my favorite I saw all day. The second I saw this cosplay the cooking music from Breath of the Wild immediately started playing in my head.


We came to steal Pokemon and chew bubble gum. We’re all out of bubble gum.


Metapod got tired of people talking trash. Who needs Butterfree?

@turnfolio & @armariaseole

You there! Take our photograph and be quick about it. You’re welcome.


Sooo uh I heard there’s a room with pots here. You hear that too? Where’s the room? I got rupies man, I’ll pay good rupies! Red ones!

Ganondorf @shockrox2552

We told Link there’s a room with pots here. It’s possible that was a lie.


Which way’s the beach?

One day I’ll be Batman sigh. Emo Robin?


L to R: Overwatch‘s Moira (@sad.gh0stt), Gabriel Reyes AKA Reaper (@thevampiresmile), BlackWatch McCree (@dt_marley)

Blue Diamond from Steven Universe.

Ange (Petit Clover), Princess (Haptu)

Magical_girl_darrelyn wearing fairy-kei with Eromanga Sensei.

Blake Belladonna from RWBY.


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