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Snotgirl #10 Review

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Snotgirl #10 Review

What a wonder a few answers can do for my attention span.

Snotgirl ended on a major cliffhanger last issue but did little to solve the ongoing mysteries of the series. I can’t say that this issue does much better, but it definitely brings the threads closer together. After last issue’s fangirl death, Lottie and the girls decide to stay behind at the hotel after their “influencers convention” is cancelled. It’s a very dreamy chapter, which might be due in part to the fact that the girls are on shrooms for half the issue, but if there’s one thing Snotgirl does well, it’s dreamy.

The vibe for this issue is all over the place, but the dreamlike quality and cuts between coinciding stories keeps it from feeling choppy. The introduction of the idea that Caroline “Cool Girl” might not be what she seems was very interesting. (She knew the most recent dead girl, not the one that has been haunting Lottie for the weekend.) I mean we’ve known since issue one that there’s something up with Cool Girl, but this added a layer of intrigue.

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Also adding intrigue was the fact that Lottie and she finally kiss and kind of confess their feelings for one another. This manages to make you only wanna read more, not less, like other times in the series when new mysteries are introduced. There’s also the fact that we may know more about Caroline’s brother, Virgil, and why he’s been showing up everywhere in disguise. He might be a psycho killer! This probably has a connection to Caroline, and why she knew the girl who died, and why Virgil showed up in Lottie’s shroom-induced vision killing the other dead girl who has been haunting Lottie. Lots of dead girls in this bitch!

The scene in the desert was particularly well executed. Between Lottie’s disjointed inner monologue, and the larger than life visuals of the desert, the stars, and Caroline and Lottie falling all over each other, this scene did end up feeling like a bad trip. Charlene admitting to Sunny that she’s gay was a little weird, but I get the feeling it was supposed to be. Now they both have a weird obsession with Lottie! The ending montage where we see all the characters carry on with their lives after the weekend was really well done and felt like the end of a good episode of Gossip Girl or the like.

This issue doesn’t have the character beats that the last one did, but it makes up for it with some clearer perspective on the many mysteries the series has posed. Again, O’Malley has a great sense of comedic timing, and Hung does a good job of transferring that timing in the script to the page. Hung continues to impress me with her work on this book. From the various character expressions and unique style of their personal brands of fashion, to the more surreal aspects of the visuals that aren’t necessarily what’s happening in real life, she has found a good niche in this book, and I can’t imagine anyone else being able to do exactly what she does in the same way.

A problem Snotgirl has always had is that it poses questions and intriguing mysteries and then dabbles in the character doing some stupid bullshit for the whole arc. I can see how this might be a play at the long game, but it can get annoying, and my interest wanes. After this issue, I find myself looking forward to the next arc, and this has rejuvenated my interest in the series. What a wonder a few answers (or at least the beginning of answers) can do for my attention span.

Snotgirl #10 Review
Snotgirl #10
Is it good?
Snotgirl #10 gives you just enough to keep you interests while boasting great visuals and a killer drug sequence.
Gives some minor clarity to the series' ongoing mysteries, of which there are many.
Great comedic timing on O'Malley's part that Hung transfers to art well.
The shrooms sequences is wonderful.
Reads like a really good and weird episode of Gossip Girl.
The characters are still sometimes too one note.
A little weirdly paced.

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