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My Recap Academia - Chapter 179


My Recap Academia – Chapter 179

Gentle Criminal’s backstory gets fleshed out, but not for the better. Let’s talk about this week’s new chapter!

Missed the latest chapter of My Hero Academia? Need someone to geek out with about it? It’s fine now. Why? Because I am here!

Welcome to the next installment of AiPT’s My Hero Academia recap column! As each new chapter is released, I’ll be sharing my reactions, so be warned that there will be SPOILERS for the newest chapters of My Hero Academia as well as the series thus far.

If I’m being honest, this chapter was pretty weak. I feel like the more I learn about Gentle and La Brava the less I care about them? They worked so well as comedic characters that I kind of hate that Horikoshi tried giving them both semi-serious backstories. First it was La Brava’s lonely lovesick depression and now it’s Gentle’s motivation as a criminal being…someone forgetting who he was? These backstories are feeling a little half-baked and instead of earning my sympathy, I’m caring less and less about the characters with each chapter. This panel is basically all we need to know about Gentle Criminal, what motivates him, and what “dreams” were being crushed when someone didn’t remember who he was once:

My Recap Academia - Chapter 179

…that’s it? I really feel like he and La Brava both should’ve been kept lighter and I wish Horikoshi had leaned further into their zaniness rather than try and give them “tragic” backstories that don’t land. Speaking of La Brava, here’s all she does in this chapter:

My Recap Academia - Chapter 179My Recap Academia - Chapter 179My Recap Academia - Chapter 179

…that’s it?! Now that we’ve learned her backstory is completely reliant on Gentle’s affection for her, it seems all her action is now reliant on him as well. I get that her Quirk is a support type, but is this all she does besides hold a camera during their shenanigans? I’m bored. I don’t want to keep dragging the series, so I’ll end the negatives by saying this was the first time in the series where I felt like I was reading filler chapters and it’s not a great feeling.

To shift more to the positive, this opening panel of Present Mic is great, especially the texture used in the lettering:

My Recap Academia - Chapter 179

I also love these balloons of Thirteen, Cementoss, and Principal Nezu, as well as the All Might decoration in the banner:

My Recap Academia - Chapter 179

I really wish I had more good things to say about this chapter, but I’m ready for something to happen to correct the course of this arc. Otherwise, I think it’d be better to just wrap this story up and move on to something else.

That’s all for this chapter! Want to read more of our thoughts on My Hero Academia? Check out our latest review of the collected volumes and last week’s recap column. ‘Til next time, keep it Plus Ultra!


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