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Doom Patrol #11 Review

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Doom Patrol #11 Review

Delayed to hell. Released way past schedule. Is Doom Patrol #11 worth it?

It’s here. It’s finally here. After months of waiting, Doom Patrol #11 is out. This issue takes place before Milk Wars but came out so long after they had advertise the trade for Milk Wars at the end of it instead. I really wish this had come out on time — the delays have decreased my enjoyment a lot due to it being such a long time. Milk Wars came out a good two months ago, so a good part of the plot in this issue was known. However, with all that said, I did still like this issue with fun writing by Gerard Way and great artwork by Nick Derington as usual.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

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Doom Patrol fights Dada and someone becomes a mama. How did life and death become so intertwined? It’s Robotman versus a classic foe as Casey and Terry take us into a whole new territory we’ve never seen before. But could this newness also just be a whole lot of nothing!

Doom Patrol #11 Review

Tell me about it!

The actual contents of the issue are great as they wrap up all the plot threads from the volume that sets up and will be collected in Milk Wars. However, the previously mentioned delays make it harder to enjoy.

I did enjoy the small joke Way made in the issue about all the characters being fanfiction as a meta comment on how essentially all comic runs not written by the original creators are published and paid fanfiction. Also the identity of The Disappointment is ironic considering the reveal could be seen as a disappointment for some due to him not being some big character previously known in the DCU. The God of Superheroes appearing is a good tie to the final arc of Steve Orlando’s Justice League of America — Orlando worked with Way on Milk Wars — and it bridges Doom Patrol to another title. It also shows the tragic events that happened with Danny and Jane prior to the series that left them in their previous states at their introductions in this series.

As always I’ll end by saying that Doom Patrol is a book that should just be experienced instead of read in a review. However the best way to experience this issue would either be reading all the previous issues beforehand or just buying the trade paperback that should be coming soon. That is assuming it’s not delayed.

Doom Patrol #11 Review
Doom Patrol #11
Is it good?
A very delayed but very good issue with brilliant writing and art. However you might as well just wait for the trade due to the delays.
The writing by Gerard Way is brilliant as always.
The artwork by Nick Derington is visually great.
The ties to Orlando's newest JLA arc are really cool.
The delay makes it hard to fully enjoy and honestly it might be worth just getting the trade at the point.

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