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Captain America #701 Review

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Captain America #701 Review

Solid sci-fi sensibilities are woven with the history of Captain America.

The historic Captain America #700 was a profound issue with a meaningful story Cap fans young and old could appreciate. The fact that issue #701 continues to play around with time is a bit of a surprise, but more genius from Mark Waid as he reveals the greatest of Cap in different ways.

So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

Witness a death defying opening story revealing Cap during World War II and then a story about his descendents in the far future. It’s a cool way to meld the old with the new and reveal how Cap is still influencing the world seemingly hundreds of years into the future.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Captain America #701 Review

The World War II scenes are pretty boss.

The opening pages of this issue are incredibly dynamic and drawn by Adam Hughes with J.G. Jones. Joining them on colors is Paul Mounts who deliver some great fight scenes and moves from Cap and Bucky during World War II. This scene reveals how close the Nazis came to making their own super soldiers and it’s rendered with realistic looking skin tones and a wallop of action. This cuts to the main story set far in the future. The stories tie together, at first indirectly as we learn who Cap’s descendants are, but by the end indirectly in a clever way as if to remind us the Super Soldier Serum is not something anyone should be playing around with.

Waid does an admirable job scripting this issue as it wins you over with Steve Roger’s great great grandson and subsequently his son (Cap’s great-great-great grandson). There are some cool sci-fi elements thrown in–like how historians are important in the future–and a whole new world for readers to explore.

Leonardo Romero draws with a style that’s quite close to Chris Samnee’s so the main story won’t appear to have shifted much from the last few issues. Romero does a great job with the subtle sci-fi elements (like clothes) and the use of dramatic angles helps keep the story interesting even when a character is doing something as basic as snooping around a room.

Captain America #701 Review

The future!

It can’t be perfect can it?

The story is fresh and feels new, but it’s also not telling us what Cap is up to currently. It’s a Elseworlds style story (even if it’s in canon) that’s so far off from what Cap is usually up to I imagine some will feel slighted on the story. This is particularly so due to the very important Avengers #1 kicking off the same week.

Is It Good?

A good Captain America story you won’t see coming dealing with different timelines in a clever way. At the end of the day, this has entertaining sci-fi sensibilities woven with the history of Captain America.

Captain America #701 Review
Captain America #701
Is it good?
A strong issue albeit a elseworlds story you may not expect or even want.
Solid sci-fi sensibilities woven with the history of Captain America
Adam Hughes weaves in some classic Cap moments
Interesting use of the Super Soldier Serum in the future
No current storyline for Cap which is odd given the big push for the new Avengers

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