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'Deadpool Classic Vol. 22: Murder Most Fowl' review: Nonsensically fun

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‘Deadpool Classic Vol. 22: Murder Most Fowl’ review: Nonsensically fun

A fun, but ridiculously nonsensical collection.

Marvel may need to change the marketing for the 22nd Deadpool Classic because the stories aren’t so classic. This book collects Deadpool the Duck, Deadpool vs. The Punisher, and Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again all of which came out last year. I suppose if they continue to produce Deadpool themed stories at a fast clip they can put out one of these a year, so why not? Either way, I get to read issues I missed from each of these collections.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

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Duck, duck, goose! DUCK: Because when you cross Wade Wilson with a certain feathered investigator named Howard, you get Deadpool the Duck! Can the Mallard with the Mouth complete his mission with webbed feet – and if he does, where does he send the bill?! DUCK: Because when Deadpool takes on the Punisher, you’d better duck! Can anyone win when the Regeneratin’ Degenerate goes up against the one-man army? And GOOSE: Because the Marvel Universe’s goose is cooked – again – when an all-new, all-different Deadpool slaughterfest begins! All your favorites are in the firing line, including Moon Knight! Ms. Marvel! Gwenpool! The Guardians of the Galaxy! Even Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur! Feathers – and bullets – fly in three tales of chaos!

Why does this matter?

Enjoy the insanity of Deadpool and Howard the Duck combining. See Punisher shoot Deadpool in the head over and over. Witness Deadpool kill all the Marvel characters with an eclectic mix of artistes. Basically catch up on all the non-main Deadpool stories in the last year!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

'Deadpool Classic Vol. 22: Murder Most Fowl' review: Nonsensically fun

You’ll enjoy these two riffing off each other.

The collection kicks off with Deadpool the Duck which is about as nonsensical and insane as it sounds. Essentially they combine (Deadpool thinks Howard is his spirit animal) and they go on an adventure that involves S.H.I.E.L.D, Doctor Bong, and a whole lot of vomit. It’s worth a chuckle or two, but it’s about as ridiculous as it is meaningful. It’s drawn well by Jacopo Camagni and has plenty of visual gags to enjoy. Overall it’s a bit meh, but enjoyable enough.

There are plenty of jokes of varying types here which should make it easy for anyone to find something to laugh at. My favorite bit involved a custodian character with an accent who Deadpool quickly breaks the fourth wall to comment on. There are a few fourth wall breaking moments, which is probably why Deadpool isn’t too concerned with his predicament. Some other highlights include a slew of short people jokes.

The second story is all about Deadpool fighting Punisher. It’s written by Fred Van Lente and it’s clever, funny, and enjoyable all the way through. The dialogue is excellent (you’ll lose it when the mutual mother name of Martha is brought up) and the reset of each chapter actually makes sense in the plot. The story seems to have some weight too with meaningful growth (or are they more enemies more than ever?) between Deadpool and Punisher.

The last story arc is Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again which, like the first story, may not be a necessary story, but it’s crazy enough to work. The eclectic mix of art helps keep the story a bit chaotic and zany like Deadpool is meant to be. It’s all done by Dalibor Talajic who gives the arc the right weirdness to be pulled off. Cullen Bunn does a good job giving Deadpool a reason to kill off so many characters this go too.

'Deadpool Classic Vol. 22: Murder Most Fowl' review: Nonsensically fun

There’s a lot of vomit in this book.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Aside from the Punisher vs. Deadpool story most of this collection is extraneous bubblegum entertainment. I didn’t love every minute of Howard the Duck nonsense, but if you let it be ridiculous and silly you’ll enjoy it well enough.

Is it good?

I liked this collection, but I wasn’t enamored with it. The stories didn’t hold enough purpose or meaning for the characters and will be forgotten soon enough. The Punisher tale is the best of the bunch and well worth a read.

'Deadpool Classic Vol. 22: Murder Most Fowl' review: Nonsensically fun
Deadpool Classic Vol. 22: Murder Most Fowl
Is it good?
It has its moments, but you may want to buy the collections in singular collected format to avoid something that's not to your taste.
Deadpool vs. Punisher is the highlight story arc
Generally nonsensical and worth plenty of laughs
Well drawn throughout
The Howard the Duck and "Kills" story are hard to care about since they don't matter much in continuity
Not the funniest Deadpool stories ever

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