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Maestros #6 review

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Maestros #6 review

It’s time to find out if our hero will be feasting on freedom or choking on Lembas bread.

It all comes down to this. With his army gone and Earth destroyed, Will has nowhere left in the multiverse to run. Whether he likes it or not, he’s the only one who can save existence from Rygol’s plan to rewrite it into an elf utopia, with himself as the immortal ruler of it all.

Image synopsis

A new age dawns!!! The Book of Remaking is finally opened, and the most powerful spell ever created is cast! The new reality is made in the image of its caster, but who will it be? Willy Little, the new Maestro? The Demon King? the evil Elvish Lord Rygol? Whoever it is, reality will never be the same…

Maestros #6 review

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What’s the skinny?

Will’s in deep s--t. That pretty much sums it up. Actually, let me be clear: Will’s in deep, deep s--t. There, that’s better.

Earth is gone. Mardok and Lord Rygol gave it the Alderaan treatment. All that’s left is a bunch of rocks, bodies and traffic signs floating around in space. Wren’s head is resting firmly in Mardok’s mouth and he’s got the music-loving sword Backstabber under his control and resting firmly against Margaret’s throat.

The Maestros’ army has been destroyed, his human and wizard planets are dust in the wind and his only two remaining allies are prisoners. What’s a Maestro to do? Well, he did fix the penis size of a certain Lord of the Underworld…

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. My one and only complaint is that Maestros is wrapping up in the next issue. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a serious bummer. Maestros is easily my favorite comic book out today. From what I’ve seen of Diamond’s sale numbers, it looks to be performing well and Skroce said during an interview that he’d keep things going if the sales were there. WHAT HAPPENED STEVE?

Maestros #6 review

I believe “WOW” is the word you’re looking for.

Is it good?

I’m fairly convinced that Steve Skroce drew this issue on acid. And I don’t mean that as a bad thing. It’s just hard to make my brain believe that he put together the ridiculously incredible artistic insanity that has been presented to my eagerly awaiting eyeballs without the use of performance enhancing drugs (Sorry if I blew up your spot Steve). But seriously, his work here is straight-up nuts. Have you ever witnessed a Demon King (who can’t turn left on Thursdays) leading his army against an Undead Ghoul and his opposing army of parasites presented on a two-page spread? I have. And guess what? It’s f-----g awesome.

If it wasn’t for my respect for Skroce, Image Comics and copyright law, I’d have shared the entire issue with you so all of you could see how amazing the artwork is. Steve has the ability to draw epic two-page spreads with evil armies from alternate dimensions battling across space, or fill an entire page’s panel with the imagined kingdom of a slimy elf wizard. And he can just as easily take us down to a personal level where we’re actually sympathizing with one of the most evil and sadistic characters in the series, due the sheer emotion coming off the page.

With Mardok and the Maestros quickly removed from the main stage due to a certain Demon King, it’s up to Wren and Margaret to face down Lord Rygol. Will might be the lead character, but Margaret and Wren are the undisputed MVPs of this story. The iron will we’ve seen Margaret display throughout this story is second to none. Don’t play chicken with her because the woman doesn’t blink. She’s thrown herself face first into every suicidal situation Will’s found himself in and never once balked. Not only does she love her son, but she’s also a no nonsense badass. Wren isn’t far behind either. Suffice to say their battle with Rygol isn’t going to be an easy one for him to survive.

When you read something that gets you excited, makes you exclaim “wow” and “holy s--t” out loud, you want to talk about it. I typically try to keep my reviews spoiler free and I firmly believe that you’re better off reading it for yourself, as opposed to hearing the big surprises from my review. So I’m going to leave out the majority of my thoughts on the crazy ending of this issue. Suffice to say it’s arguably one of the biggest cliffhangers I’ve seen in the first story arc of a comic story and caught me completely by surprise. Don’t you just love when that happens?

I love when things look utterly hopeless and you can’t see the hero possibly overcoming his enemy. I hate that this book is ending next issue. But I’m also incredibly excited to get to read that issue. It’s such a great feeling when a writer has you completely in the dark.

It’s a rare thing to be able to call a single issue comic book perfect. Sure plenty of people these days are putting out books that are garnering well earned 9 and 10 scores on the review charts. But how often are you hearing a comic book described as perfect? I don’t know about the rest of you, but it’s rare in my world. I’m happy to be able to say that Maestros #6 is perfect. Skroce delivered some of the best artwork I’ve ever seen in a comic book, weaved five major players’ stories together and left us sitting on a cliffhanger that I can’t see the good guys coming back from. While part of me wants to grab him by the shirt and demand he write more issues, the smaller, yet much more rational part of me is saying “Shut up and enjoy the ride, idiot”.

Maestros #6 review
Mestros #6
Is it good?
I'm happy to be able to say that Maestros #6 is perfect. Skroce delivered some of the best artwork I've ever seen in a comic book, weaved five major players' stories together and left us sitting on a cliffhanger that I can't see the good guys coming back from.
Skroce took his gloves off in the art department. Holy s--t is this book incredible to look at.
Reality might be ending, but that doesn't mean we can't throw in some Lord of the Rings and bukakke humor.
The cliffhanger will have you wondering how the good guys are ever coming back from this one.
Demon armies, Wizard fights, singing swords. The works BAYBAY!
Why is this series ending next issue?! Why Steve? Why?

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