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My Recap Academia - Chapter 182


My Recap Academia – Chapter 182

It’s showtime! Class 1-A’s performance at the cultural festival kicks off in the latest chapter. Let’s recap and discuss!

Missed the latest chapter of My Hero Academia? Need someone to geek out about it with? It’s fine now. Why? Because I am here!

Welcome to the next installment of AiPT’s My Hero Academia recap column! As each new chapter is released, I’ll be sharing my reactions, so be warned that there will be SPOILERS for the newest chapters of My Hero Academia as well as the series thus far.

We got to see the performance…sort of! Last week I incorrectly assumed we wouldn’t get to see the whole show since we saw Eri smile at the end of the chapter and Midoriya learned a lesson at the end of the Gentle Criminal conflict, but I’m so glad we actually got to see what Class 1-A was working on for the past few weeks!

Kind of. Because of Golden Week actually shortening the amount of time mangakas had to put out the next chapters of work, there is a ton of unfinished art in this chapter. Like, so much so that I wondered if it was actually unfinished or if preliminary sketches were sent to print on accident. It’s a bummer that we won’t actually get to see the performance in full until the tankōbon volume comes out, because the performance looks super grandiose and fun from what I can make out. Like, I genuinely can’t tell what’s really happening or exactly what everyone’s quirk is supposed to be used for.

On a brighter note, I loved that we got a little more development for Jiro. The idea that music and art can be a form of heroism used to brighten people’s lives shows how My Hero Academia is really exploring all the different ways a person can be a hero, and it fits into the plot goal of cheering Eri up excellently. Also, can we talk about this stunning visualization of the big Eri-smile moment?


My Recap Academia - Chapter 182

My Recap Academia - Chapter 182

I love the way Horikoshi did this. Of course one fun afternoon isn’t going to remove the years(?) of trauma Eri suffered under Overhaul’s “care,” but this is a great visualization to show how an afternoon of escapism can give someone a break for an hour. I think a lot of people can relate to that feeling and probably practice the same thing with a night of videogames or a chapter of manga.

I already talked about things I want from a new arc last week, so I’ll wrap up my recap with a couple panels I loved, starting with my two best boys, Bakugo and Tokoyami, tearing it up on the drums and bass:

My Recap Academia - Chapter 182

Bakugo would add in some pyrotechnics and I’m impressed that he managed to not destroy the drums in the process. Did he fling his combustible sweat into the air when he raised his sticks before detonating it? Let me do a bonus recap this week breaking down the physics of this moment because that’s what’s fun about fictional comics. But yeah, these two look great in this panel. Eat your heart out, Dark Nights: Metal.

Another favorite panel is this one featuring Koda having some birds assist on lighting:

My Recap Academia - Chapter 182

He’s so sweet. I’ll add to my new arc wish list from last week and hope for some more development for Koda soon. The way he talks to animals and asks for their help reminds me of one Unbeatable Squirrel Girl which is nothing but a compliment from me.

That’s all for this chapter! Want to read more of our thoughts on My Hero Academia? Check out our latest review of the collected volumes and last week’s recap column. ‘Til next time, keep it Plus Ultra!

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