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Zombiesluts: Springbreak Bloodbath review: Truth in advertising

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Zombiesluts: Springbreak Bloodbath review: Truth in advertising

If you call your story ‘Zombiesluts: Springbreak Bloodbath,’ you are setting the expectation for something silly and fun.

Naming your book Zombieslut:s Springbreak Bloodbath sets certain expectations. The good thing is the bar is relatively low: as long as the story contains zombies, sluts, blood and it occurs during spring break, all the criteria will have been met. There is not much more to expect and anything else is a bonus.

Horror is filled with many sub genres and one of the most popular are B movies. Simultaneously gory, funny, and filled with poor acting, these movies have an allure that have led to an enduring popularity. To this day, campy horror movies are still produced and Zombieslut’s title alone implies fun.Zombies have left the confines of the movie screen and have invaded television, books, video games and comic books. Zombiesluts: Springbreak Bloodbath from Crude Comics Inc combines both genres in a story that is exactly what it claims to be.

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Zombiesluts: Springbreak Bloodbath review: Truth in advertising

What makes B movies so popular is the unassuming charm they contain. Within all the wackiness, the audience is drawn in by the characters, story, action, or a combination of everything. Zombiesluts is straight and to the point. The story is short and has little time to provide character or story development.

In a silly story that relies on simplicity, lack of character development is not normally a bad thing. Unfortunately, in Zombiesluts this is not the case — Zombiesluts‘s problem is there are too many characters. The reader is introduced to no less than ten characters who are given no distinguishing characteristics. The titular sluts say mean things to each other, there is a conceited lifeguard, and the rest of the characters just exist. It’s a surprising amount of named characters for a story that really does not need any.

The lack of character development affects the story. The title lets on there will be zombies and appropriately, they are the best part. The problem is between the few zombie scenes are the moments with the underdeveloped characters. The book is not long, but fails to take advantage of these moments to build the characters. Instead, the action consists of lewd jokes which should work based on the subject matter but fail to land since the reader is not invested in any of the people involved.

The art has its moments with the highlights being the zombie transformation and airplane scenes. There is also some great use of color as the book is bright. Yellow and orange is used liberally throughout and evokes a feeling of spring break. Despite its disgusting subject matter, the book can be beautiful.

Zombiesluts: Springbreak Bloodbath walks a very thin line. It immediately lets you know that there is no need to take it seriously. Unfortunately, despite how silly the book is, it’s never quite silly enough. The book’s concept is a recipe for mindless fun, but never gets as good as it should.

Zombiesluts: Springbreak Bloodbath review: Truth in advertising
Zombiesluts: Springbreak Bloodbath
Is it good?
The book has a fine premise if you are looking for something silly, but it just never gets as silly as the title suggests.
The zombie scenes are excellently drawn and there is great use of color
No character development
The story is short but introduces lots of characters

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