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Cable #157 Review

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Cable #157 Review

’90s Cable is the best Cable, unless there are more…

I was reeling after reading the last issue of Cable because I wasn’t expecting what the writers pulled on us. After the first issue in the arc blew me away I was at a loss, but we truck on this week fully aware the story is jumping through time, Hope be damned!

So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson are writing their socks off in this series, which has kept the interest up and utilized time travel in an entertaining way. If you dig Cable and the admittedly convoluted history of the character, you’ll dig this.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Cable #157 Review

I like to think whenever we don’t see Cable he’s just chilling and meditating.

The beauty of this issue is it can more or less stand alone. All you need to know is a monster is chasing Cable and wants to kill him forever, no matter the timeline. And timelines are very heavily used in this issue which sees more than one Cable and a healthy dose of Nate Grey added to the mix. Anyone who knows the rich history of the X-Men and Cable should dig the old school feel of the book. It also involves some rather wicked Cables of different timelines in a way that’s reminiscent of what Jason Aaron did with the multiple Thor characters. There’s some trippy Cable talking to Cable talking to Cable business mixed in with the wild sci-fi monster action scenes too.

One of my favorite ’90s Cable characters also pops up, Blaquesmith, who is used to remind us of how cool his dynamic was with Cable. He’s also used for a big laugh that had me chuckling.

Speaking of, German Peralta continues to prove he’s an artist to watch. Nate Grey looks all kinds of ’90s fabulous and the techno-monster is scary as hell. The thing is already beastly, but it’s like a horror movie at times with how it looks. The detail is exceptional, especially when you consider the textures and work put into environments.

It can’t be perfect can it?

I’m a bit perplexed as to what has happened to Hope and Cable in the future. I guess we’re going to wait for this story to tie back into that? This is a ride that you’ll need two hands to keep yourself steady on because it’s a bit loopy with where it’s going and where it came from.

Is it good?

I like this story arc due to the ’90s vibes, the uniquely detailed art, and the respect for Cable and his history.

Cable #157 Review
Cable #157
Is it good?
A strong issue that plays up the sci-fi stuff with a heavy dose of Nate Grey.
Some serious '90s vibes
The art is exceptional with great detail and attention to environments you don't always see
Cable meets alternate forms of himself, so cool!
I'm at a loss for how this ties into the first issue of the arc

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