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Avengers #3 Review

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Avengers #3 Review

Find out why the bad guys want to destroy Earth. More or less…

The funny thing about the Justice League and the Avengers is how their names seem to dictate the types of stories the writers must tell. The Justice League are seeking justice presumably after someone or something commits an injustice. The Avengers, on the other hand, are tied to avenging or getting revenge for something. It’s more personal for them. They are taking umbrage with someone or something to enact their own kind of justice. That brings us to Jason Aaron’s new foray into the Avengers with Celestials attempting to smite the Earth and you know there’s some damn avenging to be had.

So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

This new story arc promises to reveal an ancient billion-year-old Avengers team we never knew about. This team presumably has long-lasting effects on the Marvel universe and holds potential for some rather cool ancient superhero action.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Avengers #3 Review

There is more to Hulk and Ghost Rider than we think.

This issue fleshes out Loki’s part in the villains’ plan to destroy Earth and given how we learned Odin is very closely tied to things it makes sense he’d be at the center of it all. Aaron begins to reveal what the whole point is in killing Earth and why there’s any avenging to be had at all. That means a good bit of exposition is delivered in this issue and also some big reveals.

In some ways this book is more Ghost Rider and Hulk’s book more than anything else. Aaron is beginning to lay down some seeds here that suggest the implications for these heroes is huge. It’s early yet, but those of you angry that Hulk has been reduced to a raging maniac may want to pump the brakes. There’s more going on here than you think. Another highlight includes a tense scene between Captain Marvel and Iron Man (understandable given she put Tony into a coma) and some key moments between Cap and Loki. Overall the shape of what is going on is becoming more clear.

The art is shared by Paco Medina and Ed McGuinness and continues to have a plump cartoony vibe about it. Customary of McGuinness there’s a lot of close up shots making the villains and events seem larger than life. That suits the story being told here and helps remind the reader these Celestial bastards are bigger than you can fathom.

Avengers #3 Review

Don’t do it Cap!

It can’t be perfect can it?

Customary of tentpole comics the story is moving pretty damn slowly. We get about as far as 10 minutes in if you were to compare this to a movie. It doesn’t help the characters are literally standing around at one point in the story either. Doctor Strange and Black Panther have been underserved so far in this story arc, and do get a bit of time on the page, but so far this team book has focused exclusively on a few characters and not delivering much else on character development. That further makes this series feel rather tepid in its progression.

It’s worth noting those ancient Avengers continue to not be involved in this story. They opened the first issue so it almost feels like a tease, especially since they were so prominent in Marvel Legacy and yet we continue to wait for their arrival.

Is it good?

New factoids are revealed helping to understand why the bad guys are attempting to gobble up Earth which helps put the story in perspective. That said, my patience is growing thin since the story seems to progress very little in each issue.

Avengers #3 Review
Avengers #3
Is it good?
We get some explanations, but for the most part this comic is moving too slowly to care.
New explanations are given about the villains and their plans
A good looking book with in your face action
The plot is moving so slowly and not aided by the exposition heavy moments here
Where are the ancient Avengers!?

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