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Avengers: Black Widow cosplay by Helen Stifler

What are you, Scarlett Johansson’s stunt double?

We’re still not sure if this is cosplayer Helen Stifler portraying Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow or just Scarlett Johansson pulling a fast one on us and pretending that she’s cosplayer Helen Stifler portraying Scarlett Johansson, er, herself’s version of Black Widow. Help us decide, would you?

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Did you already see new #AvengersEndgame trailer??? Aaaa I’m so hyped!! Can’t wait to watch the movie! I believe it will be fantastic final with unexpected twist! And how do you like Nat style? 😏 not gonna lie, I will make her new costume ASAP! I’m so happy she is redhead again ✨ (with a little bit blonde yeah) I wanna see full version of their costumes because in trailer it looks like they stole them from Starwars movie πŸ˜… Write in comments what do you think about the trailer? And what do you expecting from the Endgame? #marvel #blackwidow #blackwidowcosplay #cosplay #cosplaysexy #cosplaysexy #natasharomanoff #avengers #matvelcomics #comicscosplay #scarlettjohansson

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