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Buccellato's crime drama progresses but also leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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Lowlifes #2 review

Buccellato’s crime drama progresses but also leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Lowlifes started out solid with its first issue. The story revolved around a crime boss’s poker game being robbed and a trio of people consisting of a corrupt cop, a drug addict, and a thug getting involved in the fallout. Lowlifes #1 focused on Richard, the corrupt cop. His wife, Denise had been stalked and sexually assaulted. Richard knows the man that attacked Denise but is hesitant in taking down the criminal. I didn’t understand that part! I still don’t understand that part! Would Lowlifes #2 answer some questions or offer up new ones?

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So, Dave…more questions or answers?

Brian Buccellato continues doing a great job selling the drama. This issue begins with a flashback to the night Denise was assaulted. She and Richard get into an argument and Richard leaves angrily, finding himself drinking alone in a bar. While he is away, Denise is attacked. Richard returns to see Denise laying on the floor. When she tells Richard that the man is still there, Richard is attacked from behind and the rapist makes his escape with Richard close behind him.

Buccellato's crime drama progresses but also leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Fast forward to present time. Richard strolls into a bar belonging to a crime boss named Wendall. Richard has come to ask Wendall to help him kill the rapist. Instead, Richard finds one of Wendall’s lackies eating doughnuts at the bar. A mysterious lady walks in with a photograph asking the pair of men if they know the gentleman in the picture. Doughnut man blows her off, but Richard shows a bit of interest before she realizes she is getting nowhere with her present situation and exits the bar.

Meanwhile, Wendall is a bit preoccupied as his poker game was robbed by three men, one who he happened to capture and put a serious beating on. Richard finally has the chance to ask his favor of Wendall, but what will be the outcome?

So, Dave, is it good?

Lowlifes #2 does a nice job following up the premiere issue. My biggest concern now is the pacing of the series. There are only four issues. I do like Buccellato’s style of telling the story. He goes into fine detail with the characters and it would be a shame for the build up to be rushed in the final two issues. I hope the climax isn’t disappointing.

One thing that continues to bother me is Richard. He is willing to play ball with a known criminal in hopes Wendall will take care of his problem. Denise is Richard’s wife. I find it hard to swallow that he isn’t built up with enough rage to track down the rapist himself and give him what he deserves. Especially when he takes it upon himself to smack down another thug that is harassing the mystery lady outside the bar. It’s a bit confusing.

Buccellato's crime drama progresses but also leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I am still digging Alexis Sentenac’s artwork. He does both the illustrations and the colors and does a fine job of adding the proper tone to this crime drama. The flashbacks are done more in a bland style compared to the present. The artwork complements the story well.

I am gonna finish Lowlifes for sure. I like what Buccellato has going on at the moment despite my opinion of Richard. I hope he mans up and handles his own backyard himself instead of getting involved too deep with Wendall, but it looks like he has made his bed. Now he has to lie in it!

Lowlifes #2
Is it good?
A couple of bumps, but overall a decent crime drama so far.
The characters are entertaining and well developed
artwork adds to the mood of the story
Buccellato is delivering a decent crime story
Only four issues? I hope the ending isn't rushed to hell!
When will Richard man up and take care of his own business?

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