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Mr. and Mrs. X #1 Review

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Mr. and Mrs. X #1 Review

This is the feel good happy ending (and beginning) we want for all our heroes.

The marriage every 90s kid should be most excited about in the history of marriages is taking place today in Mr. And Mrs. X #1. Yes. they got married in X-Men: Gold #30, but why not relive this moment from a different perspective in this new series? It also allows the series to get centered before it whips our heroes into a honeymoon adventure like no other.

So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

Kelly Thompson is killing it. Period. Just read our Jessica Jones review and see for yourself. She is aided by artist Oscar Bazaldua who is putting in a clean and emotive series perfect for the relationship drama x-fans know and love. Plus they go to space, guys!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Mr. and Mrs. X #1 Review

Beautiful page.

If you’ve been dying to see these two take their relationship to the next level buckle up because we are here baby. Much of this issue deals with the nervous moments before they tie the knot and these scenes are excellent. You’re drawn into the love they have for each other and their hope the wedding goes smoothly. The amount of attention they’re putting into making their wedding important is all the evidence you need to know they really do love each other deeply. It’s a somewhat bold move to spend so much time before they say, “I do” but it helps not only establish their love but the family they have around them.

The comic makes a genius move from there, which I won’t spoil, but it’s a smash cut of sorts that throws you into the deep end of their honeymoon. The last 9 pages are set in outer space where they’re attempting to avoid superhero work so they can enjoy their marriage and each other. Fat chance if you’re a mutant however and the adventure begins.

The art is very clean and pleasing to the eye. Female characters tend to have rounder faces than one might be familiar with, but they also tend to make the characters look youthful. There are some visual gags that are subtle and strong (like X-23 helping Gambit with his hair) and there are some well-placed shots to keep your imagination going in the honeymoon scenes. Bazaldua is aided by colorist Frank D’Armata who lays down some great looking skin tones. The color adds a layer of reality to it, but can also be used to give a warm glow like in the early pages where D’Armata uses a purple hue.

Mr. and Mrs. X #1 Review

Getting married is a nervous thing to do.

It can’t be perfect can it?

I was a bit surprised that we don’t get a full wedding scene, but I guess that already happened in X-Men Gold. It makes the build up somewhat odd in this issue since it cuts past it though.

I’m nitpicking here, and please forgive the nerdy argument in general, but Mystique’s face is drawn in an unfamiliar way. She’s got a very round and super young look to her. Unless I missed some plot twist where she got younger and a bit more childlike it threw me off. I wasn’t even sure it was her save for all the characters knowing who she was.

Is it good?

This is an enjoyable comic featuring two heroes who are actually getting their happy ending for once. The adventure obviously kicks off with a conflict they must take on, but they’re taking it on together. Mr. And Mrs. X is the feel good happy ending we want for all our heroes.

Mr. and Mrs. X #1
Is it good?
An excellent issue that gives Gambit and Rogue their moment in the sun while also kickstarting an space action adventure.
Does a good job showing how close the mutants are. They're family!
A good smash cut moment pays off
Starts a space adventure you'll wanna follow through on
Mystique looks a bit odd in this one. Pretty, but odd
If you want to see them say "I do" you're in the wrong place

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